Monday, 28 October 2013

Secret Project Revealed ; HERMAZE

Hi Everyone!!~

I have been complaining/ranting for the past few months that I’ve been really busy with work and many other stuff.. I can’t really remember what I’ve been ranting too. LOL!!~ It’s just too much.. Too overwhelming..

Most of you following here long enough would have know that I’ve FINALLY graduated from school!~ Which I thought was the most exciting part of the year, since I’ve been yearning for that for a really really long time..

And when I wondered, what more good can I get out of this year?? And this came..


My very own online clothing store!!~~

This must be my best year ever!!~
I always wanted to start out my very own line, be it cosmetic or fashion related.. But it has always been put off because of some personal reasons.

I don’t know where I got the courage from to do this and what made me kept moving on and on with it..
Because I didn’t have alot of capital to work with, I have to DIY almost all of the things, which is why I’ve been so busy for the past few months.

And after months and months of real hard work.. LOL!! lack of sleep, sweat and tears(ok maybe no tears), It’s finally official!~ The launch of my online clothing store~

1st Collection Banner
Click the banner to SHOP NOW!!~

All the clothing on the website are hand-picked by me, and there aren’t many stock a piece!!~ So if you seen a piece and really like it, get it now!!~
What’s better than having clothing that not everyone has?? FREE LOCAL SHIPPING!~ Yes! You’ve seen it.. We’re providing FREE SHIPPING in Singapore. ( For international orders, please send in a email to to check on the shipping charges)
The main reason why I decided on a free local shipping is mainly because I never like having hidden cost when I shop, be it tax or delivery charge or anything else.. So.. We try to minimize all the hidden cost while shopping with us.

With me going on and on doesn’t really seem right in this post.. LOL!~
Since every piece of clothing is hand-picked by me, Of course I would tell you I love every design on the online store~
But out of every love, everyone will always have their favourites.. For me.. It’s really a tough choice to choose from everything that I really like.. But let me try.. LOL!!


Here you go.. My favourite 6 pieces from the first collection!!~But it doesn’t mean the rest are not my favourite!~(:


As much as I wanna keep on going on and on about how grateful I am to be give this opportunity, I shall stop here and maybe do it on another post.. LOL!!~

But nonetheless, I would say to say a HUGE THANKYOU to everyone, be it in advance or what.
Thankyou for showing your support to my blog throughout this year motivating me to keep updating all the time,
Thankyou everyone how commented and emailed me, no matter what it is, it always never fails to make my day.
Also because of the support and care I receive from you, I feel more confident in pursuing my small little dream.


xx, meiyi

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