Monday, 1 April 2013

I'm gone??

Hi Everyone!~

Long time no blog!~

I thought I could update my blog more often the last 2 weeks since I don't have many lessons on.. But who knows studying can take up so much of your time...

So much till I don't really have any time to do any other thing..

I'm thinking... I probably won't have any time from now till the end of May to do a proper blog post):

I have to work very very hard for this exam... because it's my LAST year in Uni!~ Have to graduate!!~~~

There so many things I want to do after my exam...

I'm in a dilemma now... I want the exams to end fast!! But I'm hoping it doesn't come so soon.. Need more time to prepare.. LOL!!~

Alright... This post is going no where now..

Before I end..

Thankyou everyone for visiting my blog even though I haven't been updating much..

Thankyou so much!!~

And thanks for reading!!(:

xx, meiyi

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