Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunscreen

I was reading the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual that I got a little more than a week ago.
And there was this part where she was mentioning the importance of sun screen. Then I thought. HEY!~ I have done a post on Sunscreen yet!~

I have no idea how I manage to forget about this since I wear it so often. But I still manage to.

I've tried many different kinds of sunscreen, I don't know if I have mentioned, I HATE wearing Sunscreen!~
I believe many of you can feel me with this. Sunscreen always leave this very weird and oily/sticky feeling on anywhere you apply. And the feeling is definitely not something I want to experience everyday.

But because applying sunscreen is so important when it comes to protecting your skin, I have to force myself to wear them.

One day, I came across one of Dulce Candy's video mention this sunscreen, recommending it. So when I saw it at Watsons, I got it immediately!~

Thanks to Dulce Candy for recommending this in that video. Because ever since then, I've been using it~~

Like what it's packaging states, it is very light, and it doesn't feel as oily and sticky as many other sun screen I've used.

From the product description, 
It states that it protects skin from UVA and UVB, which is something I think all sunscreen should be able to do.
It also says to leave a non-shiny finish.
Yes it does dry matte, unlike some sunscreen I've used, leaving a white shiny cast on your skin.
However, it does still make your face shine throughout the day, So you might want to set it with a powder.

And indeed it is quite light weight. At least for me, I don't feel that there is a cast on my skin, although sometimes when the weather is very hot, I do feel a little stuffy~

When you remove the cap, It's a squeeze tube!~

The opening for the sunscreen to dispense is pretty large.
so you might want to take a little note about it since the ones that are in Singapore (that I've tried) are all quite small.

It comes out as a white lotion. This amount is actually enough for my entire face.
Sometimes when I use this sunscreen on my body,
I use about this much on one arm. So that it does feel like I have a lot of lotion on my hands. Feel very weird when you rub against something.

After blending it out, there isn't any shiny or oily feeling to it.
The lotion dries matte on the skin.
You might want to leave it to dry for a few minutes for the feeling to go away.

My Thoughts,
From my experience,

What I like about this product, this sunscreen is very light weight, doesn't leave a white cast on your skin and don't look shiny.
I have tried some sunscreen which made me break out. But I haven't been experiencing any with this, but I'm not sure with sensitive skin~

What I don't like about this product, there is only one thing I don't really like about this product, it is the scent of it. It does have the usual sunscreen scent that can be found in all other sunscreen which makes me feel little turn off by it.

A tip for people who hates sunscreen scent, try setting the powder with a light scented face powder or a nice scent foundation/BB cream(without SPF)

This will minimize(not all but most) of the sunscreen scent.

This retails for SGD$25-28 at our local Watsons and Guardian stores.

What do you think about this sunscreen?
What's your holy grail sunscreen?
Share them with me in the comments section below or tweet me!(:

till next post,

xx, meiyi

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