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September 2012 Favorites~

Hi everyone,

I've always been wondering why do people who makes videos always seem to have monthly favorites?
Before I starting blogging every single day I couldn't figure that out.

It's been almost 3 months since I've started blogging and I've found the answer to my doubt.

After deciding to start this blog, I've started trying out so many more products, even those that I used to think "there's no way I'm gonna use this"

I guess this is what happens when you've decided to do this!(:

Today marks the end of September, and I have some products I have been using almost every single day during this month and I thought I should share it with you!~

PS. This are the products that I've been enjoying from the start of September until now. Not my all time favorite~

Since my blog is more on beauty, Let's start with makeup for the face,

Topshop Pop Blush.
I did a post on this blush recently.Click Here to view it
I use to not like this blush because I thought it was too bright on my cheeks.
But I thought of giving this another try before I share my thoughts about this blush with you and I ended up really liking it and this has kind of became my September Staple Blush!

For those who didn't know, This is a matte blush.
What I really like about this blush is that it doesn't have any shimmers in it. So when you lightly dust it on the apples on your cheeks, it doesn't look like you have a ton of blush on your cheeks but instead a nice healthy colour/tint.

I've tried using a few brushes while trying out the Topshop blush and I've found my favorite one by far.

The Real Techniques Blush Brush by Samantha Chapman

This brush is nicely tapered and the sides that are tapered sits nicely on the apples on my cheeks.
It makes my blush application so much easier and faster.
I really enjoy using this brush when I'm in a rush!(:
Because of it's tapered side, I felt that it is not too dense, just nice for my blush application, especially when the blush colour is so bright.

Since I have been using my Topshop blush everyday, I have to include this brush too, because the combination of the blush and brush is simply just perfect.

Now moving on to my eyes,
PS. I have started school, So I like to keep my makeup as simple as possible so there won't be anything that is dramatic.

Etude House Look at My Eyes Jewel in Ethnic Bronze Bangle.

I did a post on it too so click Here to view the post and swatches

This is a shimmery gold colour.
I just apply this all over my eyelids for a brighter and more awake look.(For my eyes)
Especially in the morning, my eyes look so listless-.-
It doesn't take much time and it makes your over all appearance brighter.
Hmmm.. How should I say it.. It doesn't make you look sleepy(?)
This look, that I wear everday with this eyeshadow, was actually suggested by the Korean makeup artist that introduced me to this product!(:
PS. she had this on her eyes the day when I got it. she uses the same way that I've been applying and I thought it looked really nice on her!!~
Hoping that it'll look the same on me!~HAHAHA!

Moving on to the next product,

Etude House Oh m'Eye Line
I've recently did a post on this too, click Here to view it.
You guys know I love it the moment I got it~
It didn't even take me 2 weeks to be so certain that I like this product so much.

A plus point for this eyeliner is it's ultra fine brush.
I don't want thick dramatic eyeliner when I go to school.
I needed something that I can draw on my eyes and look like my eyelashes are full.
And this eyeliner did a great job.
Although my Dollywink one does it also, maybe it is because of the colour, I've been reaching out for this eyeliner so much more than the Dollywink one.
Brown gives a less harsh look.

I would be lying if I told you I wore this everyday to school, because I don't.
And why ??
I am not someone who can get out of bed immediately when the alarm rings. It'll take me almost an hour to get out of bed. (I'm horrible!~)
And by the time I'm done showering, I'm only left with about 30mins to do everything-.- Including having my breakfast/lunch.
So sometimes when I'm too late, I'll just skip eyeliner.

The next product is more of a rediscovery for me.
I have "cold storaged" it for a little while because I was so in love with the effects from the Falsie Mascara by Maybelline I just stopped using this.

But now thatand  school have started I only wanted something that holds my curls and opens up my eyes, So I'm back to using it~

Maybelline's The Magnum Volum' Express Waterproof

I think there is the smudge proof version. But I have the waterproof one.
I find that waterproof mascara holds my curl better than non waterproof ones, so I usually get waterproof mascara.

I only wanted a mascara that will hold my curls, so I wasn't really fussy on the other functions the mascara can do.
But a plus point about this mascara is, it makes my eyelashes more voluminous and much noticeable,.
My friends had to comment about them.HAHAHA!~

And this mascara does it's job well by keeping my curls up all day while I'm in school~ 

I really like mascaras with wands like this, It makes the application so much easier!~

Alright, I'm done with makeup!~
Moving on to my only facial product that I've been loving this month,
It has to be...

St. Ives Apricot Scrub Gentle

This was a rediscovery too.
Click Here to view the post

As mentioned in that post, this was  my first scrub I got.
I started trying out different kinds of scrub after a while and it went into the "cold storage" section.

Then one day, I wanted to share with you how much I used to love this, and I started using it again. 
Now.. It's in my favorites!~

Now that I'm back to school (I guess I've probably mention too many times). My face feels more dry and flaky that usual. I like using this scrub every now and then to get rid of all the dried patches and it's working well!~

We're almost done!~
The 2nd last product,

It's a nail colour/polish!~

OPI's Suzi Takes the Wheel.

I've only started having this colour in my nail collection earlier this month.
And this colour have been on my nails for 3/4 of the time.
And the leftover 1/4??
I didn't have any colour on my nails.
I removed the nail colour thinking of painting another colour and I got busy with school starting and all, I didn't paint anything in the end until recently, like few days ago.

And the Last Favorite, which has nothing got to do with beauty

A fan!~

I don't know why, but I seem to not be able to escape from the mid day heat this year!~
It's either very warm when I'm on my way to school or when I'm going home!~

I'm really thankful I have this fan in my bag everyday so I can fan myself while walking.

I got this fan when I was in Korea, So I have no idea where you can get it in Singapore.
Actually, I don't know where to get anything similar in Singapore.
Because people hardly use this in Singapore despite the crazily hot weather.

I think I got this for SGD$4. For the price, this fan is really sturdy!~
I remember buying something like this for about SGD$3 and it broke within days!~
I have this for quite a while now and it still looks brand new!~

Yeap!~ That's it for my September Favorites guys!~

If you do these favorites videos/post, Leave them in the comment section down below!~
I'll love to watch/read them!~

If you don't do any of them, feel free to leave you favorites below too!~~


Thanks for reading!!~~


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