Monday, 3 September 2012


I'm back with part 2! Click here for part 1

We woke up early on the 2nd day. Had breakfast and explore a little more before we arrive at Redang.

This is the top deck where there is a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, and a long slide.

I really wanted to go on this slide but there isn't any adult queuing for it. Made me feel a little embarrassed if I were to go up!HEHHEH!

Still very into my tourist moment.HAHAH! nice or not just take!

I don't really know why I took this photo. I was just amaze at everything around..Soo....

AHHH~~ this looks so much better than the night shot! I like~ at least we can now see which cruise I'm on!~

another tourist moment.

PS. I was blinded by the sun. Totally couldn't open my eyes.

They have this mini golf course thing. Never seen anyone playing it the whole time I'm on it.
PS. the purple people are just gathering, like having meeting. not playing that course.

This is the water area for children.
I took it in the previous post. but it'll all so dark there's hardly anything to see.

I like how they have this on every single lift. Like this I don't have to memorize which floor I want to go.HEHHEH!

This is our balcony, I believe I didn't post it before, because the lighting in the room was terrible!~

Blinded by the sun, but am very determine to open up my eyes, Hence that face.-.- HAHAH!

Another tourist moment!~
I'm getting really sick of seeing myself.LOL!

We then ordered champagne. PS. I still prefer non-alcoholic drinks though.
I don't know why I just don't like the taste at all.
*Ohh~ such a baby!~*

I don't understand why people are so afraid of popping the champagne.
Although I'm not afraid or anything, I don't get why my face is like this LOL!~

I guess my friend thinks that this shot is very artistic?!! HAHAH!

I got really fascinated by this boat, because this was the first thing I saw after we left the terminal.LOL!

While chilling at our balcony, we saw this. Not knowing what this is, I told my friend, this is probably for the people who wants a trip around the island. I said this because they had this programme for people who wants to do that!~

Still very fascinated by what I'm not knowing that we were suppose to take this to Redang Island. LOL!

Then my friends and I decided to call the reception to ask how are we suppose to go over to Redang since the vessel was at a complete stop. HEHHEH!
And yeap! we have to take this boat to the shore!~

Making our way up on the boat. PS. It is the worst 15mins ever!
It was so shaky!
The thought of it now still make me a little nausea. *.*

But none the less~ we're at Redang Island!

The very random tourist shots HEHHEH!

Then we saw this truck, no idea what is it for but I'm guessing is to pick people up?

I'm guess is from this tram like seats!

My last photo before I saw the beach!HAHHA!
I was still saying how beautiful this resorts are and when
I turn my head...

OMG! It's the same as what we saw online!!~~~

This looks so ~~ beach like~ LOL! that's the only word I can think of now.HAHAHA!

The sand is white.. but I don't know why it turn out grey here. HAHA!

Yes another tourist moment!~~HAHAHA! Sorry guys if you're sick of my face.HEHHEH! 
PS. I don't think there's many of me to go! bear with me!!((:

PS. Yes it was very very very sunny!
But at least it wasn't raining!(:

A must have tourist shot with the rocks in the water!~
Looks quite fail though.HAHA!

There is this bridge thing there. Not too sure where this will take us too. Didn't have time to walk over.

There's all these corals on the shore. I didn't noticed initially and pricked my feet! They're very tough.
Really painful~

There are a few resorts there, but by far, this is the most beautiful one!
The first thing it reminded me is a perfect outdoor wedding!~ LOL!
What am I thinking-.-

Never been on a hammock my entire life, So have to be tourist like again to shoot this~ together with my awkward legs~~HAHAHA!

From my view on the hammock.

And we decided to explore the other side of the island where no one seen to be walking over.

BEAUTIFUL!!~~~ Right now when I'm looking at this, it still feels very unreal~

And I had a deep cut on the sole and we headed back earlier to wash up and go for dinner, PS. We're very hungry~~

The jetty that I didn't manage to take before~

Another tourist moment...
I have no idea why I wanted to take this photo even when my hair looks horrible~~

After dinner, we chilled at the top deck again to moon bathe.HEHEH!
That's what I called it. AHHA!
There was a live band playing, but since I'm not musically inclined, I don't know what are they singing. It is in English, but the songs that I listen to are Korean ~~sooo.yea...HAHHA!

Getting too comfortable already.HAHA!

Got really excited when I saw this full length mirror and decided to take a shot of myself.HAHA!

That's pretty much my trip!
Hope you like it!!~(:

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