Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Lettuce Cucumber Water Mist by Skinfood

Alright back with another review today,
It's a little more than one week since school have started.

I remember doing a post on Back 2 School Beauty Essentials post. And in the post I featured a facial spray.

And today, I have a facial spray with me that I would like to share my thoughts about.
PS. It is not the same one as in that post, I'll try to do that probably tomorrow?

I don't know if facial spray is something commonly seen in other countries, but I know it is not commonly seen in Singapore. At least I've hardly seen people taking out a facial spray to mist their faces.

I'll skip the product description on the can because it doesn't make much sense as compared to the one they have online.

Product description,
A refreshing water mist spray containing lettuce and cucumber extracts, rich in moisture and vitamins, to keep skin clear. The sulphur element soothes irritated skin.

Direction,Hold spray about 20cm from your face and spray lightly whenever your skin feels dry.

I personally find this product come in very useful especially when I'm in school the entire day.
This means that I will be in an air-conditioned environment the whole time and my skin will be dehydrated but it.
And also, Facial spray on the whole, other than moisturizing your face, it also refreshes it to keep you awake when you're dozing off in class!

This is a Aerosol can. Therefore the commonly seen aerosol nozzle.
I know there are some facial sprays that are not in aerosol cans, but I have no idea why all mine are in this form~
PS.Shall get to pay attention when I get my facial spray. Try to get one that is not a aerosol can

I tried capturing a photo of how the product looks like when it is being sprayed, but it was too fine, nothing seem to be coming up in the photos.

My Thoughts,
From my experience.

Before I start mentioning only on this product, I would like to mention that I'm a huge fan of facial spray, in case you have not noticed.

Whenever I get a spray, the 2 things I look for is something that will moisturize my face and refreshes me. In another words, wake me up.

I find, by far, this facial spray works the best. But given the price, which I will mention about later, I find it a pain in my pocket to repurchase it at it's original price.

What I like about this product, the water droplets sprayed from the nozzle is very fine and it is easily absorb into the skin.
You will not feel that your face is wet but you'll feel that it is moist.
I like that there is this refreshing scent in it. I want to say it is a scent of vegetables, since it is lettuce and cucumber, but I felt that the scent is more on the side of fruity scent. Very refreshing.
With the scent from the spray, I instantly feel more awake and energized.
When I spray this in class/ in the toilet, there is this light cooling sensation in the product that calms me down.
Especially when I'm rushing in between classes.
And also because of it's fine water droplets, my skin absorbs the product very well and at the end of the day my face doesn't feel dry.
One thing I forgot to mention is that whenever my face feels oily/stuffy from the makeup I have on, I will spray this and use a tissue to pat it dry. This is not only refresh my skin, but also remove all the excess oil/shiny on it.

What I don't like about this product, Mainly the price, I find the price of it ridiculously expensive!
Another thing I don't like about it is the spray pump. I don't know if it is only mine or they are trying to prevent something. But I have use a lot more strength to press the pump down. It is the most difficult pump I've came across for a aerosol spray. Sometimes I have to use 2 hands to spray the product.
PS. I might be because I don't really have much strength on my hands too.

Would I recommend it? I wouldn't say I strongly recommend. But you are someone that like/need scents to feel refreshed, I would recommend you this. But if you are someone who don't really care for scents or have a lower budget, I wouldn't recommend this to you.

Instead I would recommend,

Evian Facial Mist
I'll do a more detailed post in a couple days.

This retails for SGD$28.90 at our local Skinfood Stores.

Yes it is pretty expensive for a facial spray. So I don't think most students would want to purchase this product unless they have excess cash.

Share with me in the comments section below if you use facial spray in where you live.
If so, what kind of facial spray would you recommend?
I would love to try them!!~

PS. I don't know what's with Domo, but he seem to have this thing for my camera lens, He keep wanting to comego near it~

And PPS. It is not that I don't like Ozzy or something happened to him. It's just that Domo likes following me around when I'm at home, and Ozzy, being really chilled like how he usually is, he likes to be left at his favorite spots in the house to sleep~

Last but not least,

Thanks for reading!~
And see you in the next post!(:

xx, meiyi

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