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Sample Size Saturday : Skin Food Grape Seed Oil Body Shower Gel

I was looking at my drawer and I realised I was gifted many samples to test out, and up till now all I did was to store them away. So, I’m gonna get to trying them out and sharing my experience with you! Hence the Birth of Sample Size Saturday. LOL!

PS. Usually if i’m not interested in the sample,which i’ve mindlessly stash them away in the drawer, I had never heard any reviews, rave or anything to even gain interest in them, so I thought this is gonna be a really interesting series of posts to share as I wouldn’t have a “check list” to take note of. instead all opinions is based on what i’ve tried out of the packet.

So let’s get started~

IMG 5497

IMG 5499

IMG 5500

I saw the full size item in their store recently and I thought it looks really cute for something you use in a shower, but it didn’t really catch my eyes to wanna try them.

Picture from Skinfood

This is the description on the website. I never seen it on the packaging so i thought I might as well just include this it.

This refreshing body shower gel containing grape seed oil rich in vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids, provides deep cleansing down to pores, while making skin resilient, smooth, and moist.

So this is what came out of the sample pack
IMG 5544

IMG 5546

Not sure if you spot them, the darker beads you see one the right are the jojoba beads(?) It’s like beads you can find in a scrub? there’s very few of them, and it’s really big considering it’s for scrub.

There’s also shimmers in the shower gel, if you spot white spots in the photo above, that’s the shimmers that they have in it.

The consistency of the product is really very thick, which is feel this amount will be enough for the entire body, and too much just on the hands and arms. The entire sachet is more than enough for one use. If you use it sparingly, maybe you can use it for the 2nd or 3rd use? I’ve gotta say, it’s a pretty generous sample pack.

IMG 5548

Maybe because it’s a gel? and the consistency of it is really thick, it doesn’t foam up as well as I expected. It actually lathers up to a thick white cream. Your body sure have to be well soaked for this product to work.
I noticed on areas where there isn’t much water, the product tends to cling at that area. But we all know that’s how all shower foams are.

Since they said it’s a shower gel and not a foam, I guess I shouldn’t have expected bubbles and foam to be formed on my body. HAHAHA

I was expecting a grape scent I guess? but this smells nothing like grapes. It smells hmmm. mostly like soap and something sweet. Something between flowers and fruits. But nothing near grapes.

I wouldn’t say it’s a bad scent, in fact I quite enjoy the scent it gives out. This is not too overpowering like some other shower foam I’ve use. Yet the scent subtly lingers on for hours. I’ve showered at 12noon earlier and it’s almost 5pm now. Did some work and sweat out little, and the scent is still lingering around.

The scrub that was observed earlier, it didn’t go away or melt into the skin. it’s like.. It’s just there the entire time until I rinse my body. Because it’s so few of them in the product, it doesn’t really do much in the scrubbing department. So I’m actually not too sure what are those bits there for.

After rinsing my body, I felt there was layer of something. It’s not a bad feeling, but you know it’s there. I’m guessing it’s the grape seed oil? but it’s oily at all. It doesn’t make you feel that your body is not clean. it’s just feels like there is a layer of something, which can possibly pass of as “Maybe this is the moisturiser to help moisture my skin better” feeling.

My skin instantly felt smoother and softer. My heels are not dry and scratchy. Usually when i run my heels on the blanket, the dry area actually catches some loose silk on the blanket and you can totally feel it. But just now, I unknowingly run heels down the blanket, I felt unusual. MY HEELS GLIDED OFF THE BLANKET! after using this only for once, it actually makes my heels feel more moisturised! Now, 5hrs after using this, the heels are getting back to picking up little of the feeling again, but it’s just a little. Not like now it usually is. So I guess if i added lotion after showering with this products, the effect will be better. but for now, I’m satisfied.

I feel my limps are more moisturised as compared to when i shower and not add any lotion after.
My skin doesn’t flake into powdery/chalky feeling when i rub them. It actually feels quite clean~
Although it doesn’t lather up like how I wanted it, but i guess it does a good job at keeping them clean!

I didn’t like the idea that the layer of something something left behind was felt under my arm. As you all know, I struggled with BO when I was young and occasionally now. having to feel something that is not deodorant under my arms makes me really insecure. But since i’m at home all day, i’ve decided to skip deodorant and see if this will produce BO. After 5hrs, I noticed abit of it, but I had to rub my hands real rough to get it. So I it’s ok for now. But I’m not too sure I’ll go out without a deodorant when i’m using this. I’ll probably apply just in case. Since it didn’t prevented it totally.

Yea this is pretty much what I’ve experienced so far.

Will I purchase the full size?

Just went to google the price of this.. WOW!
It’s SGD$14.00 for a bottle of 260ml.!For the amount product you get in the full size, it’s more expensive that what you can get from the drugstore. But I guess I’ll get the full size for days I wanna pamper myself, yet don’t have the time to? they have another 2 more body product in that line which i’ve never tried. And i realise my sister has the emulsion of that line, maybe i’ll try it one day and share my thoughts on them. But for now I will not purchase this item as something I’ll use daily, due the price.
If your budget avail, and you’re totally into luxurious body products, it’s worth getting to try out. But for me, $14.00 for 260ml, is a little too luxurious for my bank account to handle if I fall in love with it! So I guess for now I won’t get it. I’ll wait till the day where I feel my body needs pampering due to the crazy schedule I have to face everyday. But until then. I’ll resist the urge to get it. HAHA

Alright, that's the end & I’ll see you in the next post!
Sign off

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