Sunday, 30 August 2015

Dairy : Last 2 Days of August

Soon it’ll be September~ Don’t know where all the time went.

xm have been having weekend lessons for 2months now. And in few more days time he’ll be starting proper school, which means school one weekdays and weekends.

Most of me am dreading for this day to come.but if not now when? and it’s something we have to go through at any point of time in our life~ so.. I just have to suck it up. LOL!

so this weekend is actually the official start of the many many weekends i’ve to spend alone. so me trying very hard to stay positive and not think of negativity~ here’s how i started saturday~

20150829 094239

Not a very clear photo though. Was intending to post it on insta. But after finish 2 of the pancakes I realise the photo is little blur. TOO LATE FOR A RETAKE!

So I woke up around 7am, since that’s the time i usually wakes up in the morning. and usually at this time I’ll be rushing for something. I’ll have something to do. Yesterday, it just felt very aimless. Feels like there’s a lot of time and I didn’t had to wake up so early.

Came down and decided to make a nicer breakfast for myself. So I looked through the cabinet and found some pancake mix and made the above.

IMG 5491

Soo all that you need is 1 cup of pancake flour and 3/4cups of water. mix it well and it’s ready to grill on the pan.

The tea i had was just Lipton Yellow Tea Bag with 2teaspoon of condensed milk, Easy Peasy.

After having one of the 3 Pancakes I was bloated! totally bloated. didn’t had lunch after that. Made good use of the time and decided to take some photos for reviews!

Feels like I took a lot. but came to think about it, there doesn’t seem to be much. HAHA Maybe I chilled too much

Set up my camera and we’re ready to roll

IMG 5494

Yea and my not so neat closet. HAHA

IMG 5496

Work station for the day. Seems neat but within secs the entire area is a mess!
Had a book there, to entertain myself when i wanna take a break, but didn’t ended up reading it, instead ended up watching YouTube videos. LOL!

Not too sure why recently there’s so many mosquito. Everyone in the family are all bitten by them, so at night we burnt the mosquito coil to get rid of the mosquito. But the scent is stinks a little when it’s been lingering for the entire day. So I had to light up the candle to cover it.

IMG 5543

This is the candle i’m using.
It’s Love & Sunshine from Bath and Body Works. Love how floral and citrusy it smells. Totally refreshes the entire room. After blowing out the candle, there’s this candle being blown out scent. LOL!

Later in the after when my parents are back, I decided to head down and join them in the living room.

IMG 5486

Chilling before we go on our routine walks. HAHAHHA

came back from our evening walk to mum’s cooked dinner

20150829 190903

Vegetarian Chicken Rice.

It’s comfort food for both xm and I, especially mum’s cooking. This is nice on it’s on, but it’s even better when you add the chilli sauce that my mum made. SUPER YUMMY! Had 2 plates of this that night! No wonder I can never slim down. LOL!

Went over to grandpa’s place to visit him, and that pretty much sums up my Saturday.

Today was an even more chilled day. Woke up had tea and watch YouTube Videos until lunch time. Had lunch and started taking more photos for a post, and yes back to watching YouTube video until last in the afternoon brought ozzy and domo walk their walks before I bathed them. And the day ended. LOL!

Why does my day sounds so sad today! LOL!
I use to love this kind of day! I’m still loving it, but it feels so aimless!

I guess i’m just not use to having no aim in a day. NOOOOO~~~~ need to learn how to relax!

Yea that sums up my weekends. HAHA

I’ll think of more things to do next week, if not i’ll get really bored in few weeks time!

Let me end with a photo of us.

20150822 130447

See you in the next post!
Thanks for reading!

Sign off

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