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Review : Philips [Satinelle Epilator]

Hi Everyone!

If you’re wonder what’s going on. i’m changing the template of my blog. still trying to see how things go along~ and waiting for xm’s exam to end so i can bug him to do a new banner for me!
not too long before his exam ends. so. let’s just bear with it~

For the past month due to the rainy and cold weather, i have been living in jeans and long pants. Since there isn’t much show for my legs, I’ve been neglecting it totally. And i noticed something last night.

IMG 5367

My attempt on a sexy leg post. HAHAHA did you notice something??
let’s just zoom in. OMG. it’s gonna be so embarrassing

IMG 5370

IMG 5371

Cony shocked


Sadly yes. This is how my legs look like when i don’t pay much attention to it at all. so dry, so hairy, so not attended to.

kindly ignore those scars on the legs. I’m not the most feminine girl since young, neither am the most careful person. All these dark spot scars are being accumulated for over 20years. every scar have it’s story. so let’s just let them chill there and ignore them~

Being super hairy since young, i’ve tried many ways to remove those excess hair. Shaving, waxing, hair cream removal, bleaching plucking and many more. I’ve tried them all. the only one that I haven’t tried is IPL, mainly cos i can’t bear to part with the money. So if any company is nice enough to sponsor me for IPL or permanent hair removal~ Thankyou in advance!!~
Cony touched

Ok! before i go off tangent again, my favourite way to remove hair on my arms, under arm and legs is actually using this product.

Philips epilator cover

Another attempt to make it look better. HAHAHA!
I have been using this epilator for years. Since 2010 till today. I’ve recommended this to friends and family around me. It’s a must!

If i were to go on a long trip and only bring 1 electronic item, it will be this. Not Clarisonic, not hair tools, but THIS!

Now we’re on the same page. now you know how much I love this product!

removing hair haven’t been easier after this product came around~

IMG 5373

Goodbye Hair! See you in few weeks time!
Cony mocking

Yes stickers overload is necessary HAHA

So this process is actually really simple, just keep your epilator perpendicular to where you want to epilate and go against the direction of hair growth, just like below shown.

IMG 5374

 Sometimes i won’t bother which direction the hair growth is, because we all know. In every situation there will be that rebellious ones. So I’ll usually go in circle motion all around the legs until all the hair are gone.

You will make a bit of a mess. But it’s not as messy as waxing and it’s really easy to clean up. So don’t worry~

IMG 5383


Now attempt 2 on taking a sexy leg shot.

IMG 5384

This shot is taken right after i epilated my legs. Usually after epilating I’ll let my leg cool down for abit since I get rashes and red spots almost immediately. Then I’ll head on to the bathroom to scrub those dead and dried skin off with a gentle scrub and head on with applying a thick moisturiser, usually a body butter, and my legs will stay really smooth~

I think there isn’t much to continue saying about this product so let’s just move on to summarising it!

1) Inexpensive
2) Removes hair really fast
3) Easy to clean up
4) Almost allergy free!(unless there is some what of allergy i don’t know of)
5) Small and handy (hardly takes up any space in your suitcase)
6) Remove all hair, even those fine ones

1) Hair still grows out
2) Will experience a little pain

Will I recommend this?
Do i still need to say more? Of course I will! i have a wax pot at home which is use it to remove all my hair before i found out about epilator, but ever since i got this epilator, the wax pot is only to remove that female moustache on me~
My sisters got epilators for themselves after how i crazily rave it to them. they didn’t get the same model, and i went to try them out.
To be honest, I very much prefer this model, although every epilator does the same job, but this, not too sure why, it’s less painful.

This product retails for SGD$49.00 at Courts, Harvey Norman, Fair price Extra and many more.

PS. Because i got this 5years ago, they changed the packaging to a pink one.

Click here to view the new design

Thanks for reading!

Sign off

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