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Review : Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion

It’s that time of the month

no.. not THAT time of the month. LOL! it’s the time of the month where my legs itch like crazy.

IMG 5468

Can you see those rashes?
This was taken 2days ago. I was trying my best to resist the temptation to scratch. This is just day1. resisting temptation isn’t really my forte. and by last night. i’ve successfully scratched my skin to the extend I feel pain while bathing.

IMG 5477

Can you see redness going on on the cuffs.
I just had a bath and it’s hurting. It’s not to the extend it’s bleeding yet.But aint nobody waiting for it to move on to that stage!

This is what i use when I need to stop the itching
IMG 5463

IMG 5465

IMG 5466

I realise there isn’t a need/point for me to summarise what it says on the products since there’s pictures.

I’m not too sure why all i find over the internet is the tube version and I have this. But i got mine from Guardian and Watsons. So it can’t be imitation.PS. I have it in the tube version too.

Not too sure if i mentioned it before, but my skin breaks out into rashes like crazy when i’m in a colder country. like when it’s 20degree celsius or lower.
I haven’t been to the doctor or anything to find out why. because i didn’t felt that it was a serious problem. So i just lived with it. The rashes/breakout will disappear within a week after I return home anyway.

When this product got released, they were sending out samples of this and their cleanser. Knowing that Cetaphil is very suitable for people with sensitive/problematic skin, I decided to give it a go, take the risk, and only bring this along with me on the trip which was just a week later.

Maybe because I didn’t apply enough, I still had breakout/rashes. But it was better. So I was thinking, this may really help me with future trip! So i went to get the full size tube(PS The sample is only enough to use a week if you use it very sparingly, so if it’s like how i’m normally using it, 4times and you’re out of it).

And the brought then full size tube along on my next trip and apply it like how i usually apply moisturiser.
I’ve got to say. it’s not the nicest feeling to have such thick moisturizer on. But the cold weather made it felt better. The only annoying thing is my face felt unbearably sticky. So i had to powder my face quite bit or changed my entire makeup to suit oily skin.

BUT!!! it works!!! from then on, every time i go on trips, I’ll make sure to use this and the rashes and breakouts are kept well under control.

After I started working, I get rashes on my legs and They’re always mega itchy a week after i epilate my legs. I don’t know why. Maybe because i’m always in cold environments?Since it never occurs when i epilate my legs while schooling.

Yea then one day I remember this product works for my face, and since it’s also body moisturiser, I just spammed it on my legs where it itches. and sure enough IT WORKS!

IMG 5479

Who knows I’m capable at taking a handselfie too HAHAHAH!

IMG 5480

I just focused on the area that is itchy and spread to the rest of my legs if there’s excess.
then follow up with my daily moisturiser on the areas that don’t itch.
IMG 5481

This is how it looks like before i apply my daily moisturiser.

I don’t apply this on my legs everyday, since it isn’t really necessary. I only apply this to stop the itch.
But i use this on my face everyday. Just to prevent it from breaking out due to the weather & the room while sleeping.

One thing for sure. I will not apply this in the day in Singapore. the face is gonna feel soo stuffy, oily and sticky for the entire day. & who likes this feeling? no one. Well at least not me~

In terms of hydrating, it really works. I have relatively dry cheeks. Sleeping in the air-conditioned room makes things worse. If my moisturiser isn’t hydrating enough, even if i have a sleeping mask on, my face will feel tight and dry in the morning. You know how some people tell you they’ll just skip moisturiser since sleeping mask works well enough. Well if i’m only applying sleeping mask without moisturiser, it doesn’t work as well. sigh.. the struggles real.

So the only way (for now) is to use all very moisturising/hydrating skincare at night and top everything off with this lotion then sleeping mask. And when i wake up the next day, there is no tightness around my cheeks. This also leaves my face feeling soft, smooth and bouncy.
If you know a better way let me know!!! I’ll be more than willing to try it out!

Alright let’s summarise things up!
1) Good for relieving itch and rashes
2) Keeps skin hydrated all day long
3) Good for sensitive skin
4) Scent Free

1) Thick and Heavy consistency

Will I recommend this?
This really depends what your priorities are.
If it’s just to moisturise your skin, I feel other moisturising creams works the same, or even better at least they can eliminate the stick and stuffy feeling.
If you have problematic skin condition similar to mine. Then this is totally worth the investment! I went to my friend’s house in the past. wondering why their family spend so much money on the entire line of cetaphil. Thought it was a gimmick or something. But it proved me wrong when i had to use it. it really is worth every single bit when you have to deal with such problems.

This retails at SGD$49.90 for the big bottle & SGD$25.50 for the tube at any Watsons and Guardian Outlets.

Thanks for reading!
We shall talk in the next post!
Sign off

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