Monday, 17 August 2015

Food Diary : Elemen Vegetarian Restaurant

So… Over the weekend, I filmed a video and started editing it. The more I edited the more I felt that it’s not YouTube worthy. So I decided to just trash that video.I’ve been doing that for the past 2 videos.

No inspiration. Not satisfied with the videos.So. delete delete delete!

ok putting depressing thing aside, let’s talk about food today!

Because of all the sharing and reposting on Facebook, xm and I discovered the newly opened Elemen Vegetarian Restaurant @Millenia Walk and decided to try it on a weekdays since we’re scared they may be full on a weekend.

This restaurant is similar to Sufood where they serves 8course meal. Really liking Sufood, we decided to give it a go. And here’s our food~

PS. There’ll be a lot of comparison with Sufood, since their only competitor I know is Sufood. Pardon that.

20150729 192004

The starter is really good. they recommend to eat from right to left.
The one on the right taste like some Japanese style treat. The sauce taste like soya sauce something.And the thing that’s wrapped in the cucumber, is yellow bean paste. My fave filling for ang ku kueh.

The one in the middle is sesame overload! Black sesame tofu with sesame sauce and alfalfa sprouts. It’s alright, maybe i’m just not a sesame lover~

The one on the left is plum infused cherry tomato. My best description. HAHAHA it’s better than a regular tomato. I never really like tomatoes, but it’s really good.

20150729 192015

Then we had breadsticks. Similar to the one at Sufood it’s also Rosemary Breadstick. Not too sure we got the bad lot or what. The Breadsticks tasted little stale. Both xm and I felt it. Quite disappointing. But we guess it’s just us with the bad lot.

The next dish is actually the cider drink. its a apple cider vinegar i think. it taste sweeter than the one in Sufood. Like this better because the one in Sufood has a very strong vinegar-y taste which I’m not too much of a fan of.

20150729 192827

I think this is the Avocado Salad. The sauce is Plum if I didn’t remember wrongly.

Taste really refreshing and I like it! but xm doesn’t seem to be a fan of it. I’m thinking cos he’s just too Chinese and he don't fancy sour food as a meal. so.. yea.

20150729 192841

This is their Mushroom Salad. It’s quite a disappointment. It tasted quite bland and nah.. it doesn’t interest the both of us. maybe we’re just not people who like bland food. This tasted like mushroom in diluted soya sauce actually. But i guess we’re just not that good with taste. LOL!

20150729 194215

Mushroom Soup with truffle oil above and Maca Soup at the bottom. Not too sure what’s Maca Soup but it’s recommended by the person taking our order. HAHA so we just got it~

Mushroom soup is good. the maca soup is good as well. little bland but it’s still a plus since I didn’t got sick of it~ so it’s a good thing! LOL

20150729 200315

We had 2 mains, first being Mushroom Truffle Pizza or something. It’s really good! I love it. But xm doesn’t like the veg on the top of the pizza. I think xm just doesn’t like raw veg that much. But he likes the pizza. HAHA

20150729 200325

Next is Avocado Sushi.
xm and i felt it’s the sushi my mother makes at home topped with avocado and drizzled with some special soya sauce.

I’m not saying it’s not worth it. My mum makes really good sushi. So it feels like home made food

After this dish, I started wondering what is the approach towards their dishes are.
I’m thinking it’s healthy homemade feeling food.
Their food isn’t the best tasting ones out there. But it sure is healthy and has the feeling that it’s made like how my mother cooks.
PS. my mother cooks really well. Yes I have to mention it again. Because I strongly feel mum’s cooking is the best!

And also when i was there, i felt that the restaurant is very cosy and homely.very comfortable

20150729 203449

Lastly it was dessert and refreshing drinks.
Above is lava cake with vanilla ice cream. OMG!!! it’s really good!! xm and i were fighting for it! LOL! serving was huge as well and not stingy!

The drink is lychee something. Yea we’re both fighting for it too. It’s really good!!!

20150729 203527

The other dessert and drink is Grapefruit tea and Raspberry Panna Cotta.
we were warned that the drink will taste bitter since they use pure grapefruit. I was thinking at the back of my head, “How bad can it be~” but after drinking for a while, it’s really bitter. HAHAHA which explains why xm and I were fighting over the lychee tea. HAHA But doesn’t mean it’s not good. It is. But too bitter for our liking. HAHA

The panna cotta is good too. that sour hint from the berry sauce makes the milky panna cotta really refreshing. And doesn’t make me sick after eating so much of milky stuff.

PS.I’m not a fan of milky stuff.

At the payment counter they gave us takeaway mocha as door gift. I didn’t have mine since my sister ate it up. HAHAHAHA

it’s little expensive. Think it’s $37?? around that price. but i guess a once in a while thing i good~
Will i support them again, yes i will! I think because it’s a really new restaurant they’re still trying to figure out what’s the best! of course I have to support them even more. And also i was really touched by their service. Really attentive and approachable.Yea like i mentioned before it feels cosy and homely there. So I will patronise them again. Definitely~

If you’re hesitating, give it a go. And see if it’s of your liking.

To finish the post, here’s my view for the night
20150729 191731

XM! he says smiling like this is too main stream. But nonetheless he still did it after taking that not so main stream shot that i won’t post to spoil his image.

PS. No filter is done to his picture. OMG! this store is just too appropriate for photos. Nothing needs to be filtered! HAHAHA

Alright, that’s all for today~
I’ll speak to you in the next post!

Sign off

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