Monday, 24 August 2015

Diary : Day Out at Pulau Ubin

So… on Saturday we had a free day! and after saying nonstop how much I wanna go to Pulau Ubin, we finally made it possible! woohooo!!

IMG 5404

On the boat to ubin~ For all of you who don’t know. I have motion sickness and it makes traveling really difficult for me. yea. but the very nice xm took this!

IMG 5405

If i’m not wrong the shore is changi beach.
we just left changi jetty so there’s no way it’s anywhere near ecp or pasir ris. HAHA

IMG 5406

The very sick me trying hard to not throw up and smile at the same time. LOL!
This Sour Power is really a life saver when I have to take transports that makes me sick. HAHAHA
or maybe it’s just an excuse for me to eat it. HAHA

IMG 5408

And we’re here! wooohoo!! great place to get away from our city life.
sorry for his smile. HAHAHA but this is the nicest i found.

I randomly said “ we can stay here when we grow old” then xm replied “ yea right~ you won’t want it"
WHAT??!!! but then again. yea i won’t be able to stay in a kampong. just for this day trip. I brought 3L of drinking water, sunblock to apply, wet wipes, tissue, sanitiser, cap, sunglasses, mosquito patch and what not. How can a person like me be able to live there. Who am i trying to kid. LOL!

IMG 5413

we were on the split street and have no idea how to head to chek jawa. while xm i looking for directions, it’s time for me and a selfie.

I was looking at my own selfies. and 2 tourist came over and said “ we should have done the same! take a photo of the map.” LOL! as much as i wanted to keep quiet and pretended that i took the map. Me being me had to let them know i didn’t take a photo of the map on the signboard. LOL! Now i’m wondering what they thought it was. HAHA

IMG 5416

There sure is lots of split roads! one of the many that we met that day!
Split roads are just like the choices we have to make in life~. Wah feeling so inspired. LOL!

IMG 5417

See split road again. LOL!

IMG 5462

And we’re there! CHEK JAWA!!

we went to the viewing jetty first. because there was a visitor center and we wanted to see what’s interesting.

and we came across this house. it’s like a.. hmmmm.. like museum. but not too sure what isit

IMG 5422

Someone decided to do some posing.LOL!

IMG 5455

Mid way up the  observatory tower. i knew i will forget to take the view up there cos i’ll be too tired. so here’s one before I totally forgot about it. HAHAHAHA

And my camera stayed in my bag the rest of the day. HAHAHAHAHAH

This trip was a great and enjoyable one. although we came back smelly and all. But its worth it!
It’s gonna be while till we return again. gonna miss this place quite abit. but life it’s gonna be busy now! so!!! till next time! SEE YOU UBIN!

IMG 20150823 174134 336

Thanks for reading!
Till next time!
Sign off

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