Thursday, 6 August 2015

Vegan Japanese Dinner

Hi Everyone!

Yes, i’m back!

about a month back, xm and i went to our go-to restaurant for dinner for a little milestone achievement.
PS. We always go there when there’s something worth “celebrating"

Good thing the camera has like date the photos were create. HAHA! It’s 28th June 2015.
super post dated.
IMG 4658

I just realise this is the only photo we have and our faces are normal..

the food usually takes awhile to come. so yeap, why not take some photos!~

IMG 4659

I really need to learn to be a little more normal. HAHAHA

then our food arrived altogether. like within mins.
IMG 4663

OOHHH!!! i didn’t take a photo of the soba noodles we had): never mind shall take it again the next time we head down for dinner~
Yea these 3 dishes are actually our fave. natto maki, avocado maki , and cheesy shitake i think.
well actually i think these 3 are my fave. LOL! xm don’t really enjoy having the natto maki it’s because i really like it that’s why he’s having it too. LOL!

I really really love the food in these restaurant. before we even discovered this place, any kinds of veg store that serves sushi we think it’s very good. but this restaurant really set our standards up! LOL! yea. now we know how to compare veg sushi.(not a good thing)

Tomorrow is a public holiday. Let’s me start planning what i can do tomorrow. wooohooo~

ohh ohhh before i forget.
the restaurant above is called Bespoke

thankyou for reading!

xx, meiyi

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