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Review : The Face Shop YEHWADAM Revitalizing Moisturizing Fluid

Hi Everyone!

As mentioned in the previous post, I’ve tried a lot of moisturisers in the past year, some were recommended and well raved online, others were recommended to me by the shop assistant.
I was walking around the face shop one day looking for their mango seed line because it used to be really popular Korea i think in around 2015 or so. There wasn’t much options for mango seed line at the face shop that I went. A really nice sales assistant came by and asked if i needed help, so I told her i’m looking for a light weight moisturiser that can moisturise my skin but doesn’t feel heavy at the same time. The lady recommended me a product that she used personally and felt that it’s very good.
So today let’s review on it!
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I tried doing bit more research after I got it, but I can’t find any review on this product. Found 1 review on the same line but it’s for their cream. So… I wasn’t really sure what to expect.
Here’s the description they have on their website
An all-in-one fluid gel-type lotion infused with fresh recharge of moisture replenishes and soothes dehydrated skin
Yehwadam Revitalizing Moisturizing line is a traditional herbal moisturizing line that restores dehydrated skin with continuous long-lasting fresh moisture with its fresh flower water formula

 Formulated with ‘Fresh Flower Water’ which is a secret formula that consists of 5 types of traditional herb flowers with moisturizing properties that re-energize and cool skin with fresh surge of moisture

 Also contains traditional herbs from the Revitalizing line including Korean Ginseng, Safflower, and Goji Berry to awaken skin’s innate natural glow, leaving skin revitalized and re-energized
  • All-in-one fluid lotion: toner + lotion all-in-one product that is simple to use yet effective in delivering fresh continuous moisture
  • Simple 2 STEP Skincare: enables simple skincare step by using the fluid + cream from the Yehwadam Revitalizing Moisturizing line
  • Fresh surge of moisture + Relaxing soothing effect: not only replenishes dehydrated skin with fresh moisture but also soothes skin, leaving skin feeling well-rested

Main Ingredients 
  • Fresh Flower Water: 5 traditional herbs with moisturizing properties (Peony, Lotus, Safflower, Chrysanthemum, and Honeysuckle)
  • Gyuwhabang Complex: 3 traditional herbs with skin revitalizing properties (Korean Ginseng, Safflower, and Goji Berry)

•Fresh moisturizing lightweight texture: skin feels comfortable and fresh without leaving a heavy greasy residue

IMG 7103

The product comes in a pump which I really like products like this. means i don’t have to stick my hand into it LOL
IMG 7104

This is 1pump of product. As you can see. it comes out as a gel, but as soon as it touches your skin, it melts into a liquid form. so you really have to work quick with this product.
PS. usually i’ll do 3pumps.
IMG 7106

This is how watery it is. basically if you’re looking for a moisturiser that will make your skin glow after applying. This is not the one for you. LOLL

Although the lady said its a really good moisturiser, it isn’t enough to keep my skin moisturised for even 3hrs. I’m thinking.. it’s either the lady’s skin is very oily and don’t need much moisture or i’m doing something wrong. LOL

ok, it sounds right now that I really hate this product for wasting my money on it. But in actual fact, i do quite enjoy using this product. My skin is SO dry that if i don’t apply anything on it, it’ll feel like those egg white mask feeling. so tight that it’ll tear if i laugh too hard. Even with such dry skin, I’m still hesitant on applying moisturiser because of the stuffy feeling. So this product is actually my stepping stone to getting use to applying something on my skin, or at least not leave the house without anything on.

At the beginning i apply it just as its own and leave the house. I noticed even with 3pumps, super watery but it absorbs very fast! like mentioned above although it doesn’t keep my skin moisturised throughout the day, but at least it gives it little moisture better than none.

This product is VERY light weight, once absorbed you can’t feel anything on your skin, it’s really absorbed! so throughout the day i don’t get heavy and stick skin. After awhile and getting use to applying at least something on my skin, i tried to apply abit more on my skin.
This is not a moisturiser! this is more of an essence! it’s to enhance and help the moisturiser than you use absorb better! no wonder it’s no enough on it’s own! I guess that lady that recommended me has really oily skin to tell me that it’s good on it’s own. I tried it with other moisturising creams, and i notice that my face don’t get as sticky and stuffy as if i were just to use the moisturising cream alone. because i get to use lesser product, and this helps to absorb the products better into my skin and still not lose so much moisture throughout the day!

I love this product! not for the main purpose of buying it, but how it enhances my routine and makes the products that i applied after this better for my skin. Sometimes you know.. you apply something on your face, and it seems like it’s just staying on your face, and not being absorbed? yea, this product acts like a thing to help such the other goodness i applied on after into the skin and not just sitting there.

Just this product alone, like other product if you use it alone. It makes your skin alittle smoother, not significant, just a little. it’s not amazing using on its own. So if you’re looking for a 1stop skin care product, this is definitely not it, and you’ll probably find yourself wasting your money getting it.
If you’re looking for a cheaper essence, this is almost $50sgd if I remembered correctly. Seems like it’s on the steeper side. But we all know how expensive essence can get. That’s why people usually just skip it. LOLLL
So if you’re looking for an essence to enhance your routine, I’ll totally recommend this! that’s why until today, I’m still using it. LOLLL

1. Super light weight, non sticky
2. Light floral fragrance
3. Easy application
4. Very sanitised packaging
5. Great enhancer

1. Doesn’t really moisturize skin on it’s own

Yep! that’s all I have to say about this product! If you’ve tried the regular line, not this moisturising line, which is super popular as well, Let me know what are your thoughts on it. Will you recommend it? Which is worth trying? Leave them down in the comments section so I can head down to the shop to get them to try out!

Alright! till the next post! BYE!
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