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Review : Skinnymint Teatox WORTH IT?

Hi Everyone!

Ever since i’ve started being in a relationship, which i’m now happily engaged, it’s been a constant weight gain. The scales have only increase and never decreasing. I guess that’s part of being in a relationship and you forget about restrictions LOLLL. So every now and then I’ll try and maintain my weight.
Recently I’ve been about toning and doing cardio, because I’ve came to terms that there’s no point I get a nice but unhealthy body. So i’m not too much about losing weight, more of staying active and eating healthy.

I was pushing myself last night to see how many squats I can do, not many tbh LOLL, and I suddenly thought of the ways I use to try and slim down in the past, and I thought of this and I have to share! So instead of a beauty review today. I’d like to share my thoughts and experience on the Skinnymint Teatox!


Picture source from skinny mint website.

I had many recommendations from friends. Some who are really active and doing sports, and some not so. The review from them is great! and they’ll continue the program.
After hearing such good reviews of course I have to get it too! So i went ahead got 1 one of this 28day Ultimate Teatox set. I have to say.. The delivery for this company is superb. Although it’s an online shop, it comes to your door step like it’s your neighbour. Really fast as compared to many other online stores.

So from the picture above. there’s 2packets of tea. 1 for the morning and 1 for the night.
"The Morning Boost is a uniquely formulated herbal supplement designed to boost energy levels throughout the day and to start your day right"
"The Night Cleanse is a uniquely formulated herbal blend that is designed to naturally cleanse the body*. It is caffeine free, so it is perfect to take in the evening.

Take one Night Cleanse once every alternate night. It contains a natural, gentle herb that has a mild cleansing/laxative effect, so start with a shorter infusion time and work out what's best for your body. It is recommended to consume this product a maximum of 14 times in a month and to take a break between taking the Night Cleanse."

This is the information I got from the website. You can go to the website to find out more about it, if you’re interested.

I brought the day pack to work and drank it diligently throughout the day. Which actually at this moment as i’m typing.. I don’t know if i was suppose to do so, but i did that anyway.
As for the night pack, I left it at home and drank it right before bedtime, since you’re not suppose to consume anything after drinking the tea.

The Taste.

The day tea is good. Fruity light and refreshing
The night tea was little funky, I didn’t really liked it to be honest. I always had to gulp it down as fast as I can if not I wouldn’t have finished it.

Does it work?

The day tea is just suppose to give you a boost of energy and a pick me up throughout the day. Honestly I didn’t felt any difference. I didn’t mind drinking it since it was a nice flavoured tea, but throughout the entire month I didn’t felt like I was more awake or had more energy in me. It was just any other tea I drink. LOL

For the night cleanse. Although it’s awful to drink, but it does something. It cleanse out EVERYTHING  the next morning. It doesn’t only flush out the toxin in your body. It flushes out everything you ate prior to drinking the tea.
In short…. diarrhoea
I did a timer to calculate when it’ll take effect. it varies. but most of the time. 2-3hrs after you wakeup, and it’ll last for about 1.5hrs till you’re fully cleansed.
Actually the night tea works the same as laxatives. The tea has Liquorice Root which is a natural laxative, and there’s a lot of it in it, which makes the tea not so pleasure to me.

So actually in short. This tea is laxative.

I would think that most of their customers are ladies, and ladies have that time of the month. I’m not a person who get affected by cramps or period cramps. I don’t know if it’s cause i don’t have that much pain during my period, or I’m just really good at tolerating pain.
There was once i drank the night tea right before the 1st day of my period. And the next morning, the pain was so unbearable my face turned white, I started having cold shivers and sweat. It was the worst pain I ever felt. it wasn’t even a cramp. It’s just straight up pain. I was in such a bad state that my mother almost brought me to the A&E that morning, but I told her i’ll be fine sleeping it off. The entire pain took yes, about 1.5hrs before it went away. During that 1.5hrs I had to crawl to the toilet before i was so scared I’ll soil my pants. I took a hot bag and lay it on my stomach to make it feel better, but honestly it did nothing. that’s how i knew it wasn’t cramps.
PS. the pain was so bad that I didn’t have strength to push the poop out even though i knew it’ll make me feel better, but it was SO PAINFUL I couldn’t even use my core muscles. it was the worst experienced I’ve experienced with this teatox and I never touched it again.

So would I recommend it? obviously my answer is no. If i had to go through such a pain just to get a slimmer body, then I might as well exercise. muscle aches are not even 1/4 of the pain I experienced that morning.
Also. at the end of the month, I weighted myself. I didn’t even lost must weight. Probably about 1-2kg, which is quite insignificant since I can just gain it back over breakfast/lunch.

So instead of spending the money on this teatox, I’ll recommend to exercise and eat healthy. Healthy meaning less oil less salt less sugar, I think you can achieve losing 1-2kg if not even more within that same month.

Alright, I’m done with this chapter of my life. ready to close and move on! I’ll catch you in the next post!
Sign offA

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