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Review : IOPE Super Vital Cream Bio Excellent

Hi Everyone!

Since the start of blogging you probably may have read countless time of me ranting how dry my skin is. Time passed and today, nothing much has changed. still as dry as the sahara desert LOLLL I’ve been in search of good moisturiser to combat the dryness in my skin yet at the same time not make me feel like i’m drowning in moisturiser stickiness.
I’ve tried a lot in the past 2years, and in the next few days, i’ll share some of the moisturisers I’ve tested!
Today’s moisturiser is flown from Korea. I don’t know where you can get it in Singapore or online. I haven’t really went to hunt where we can get it online. This is actually my sister’s product. She went to Korea in 2016 if i didn’t remember wrongly, and the store assistant in Aritaum introduced her to this moisturiser saying it’s their best seller. How best i don’t know. And it’s the IOPE SUPER VITAL CREAM BIO EXCELLENT!
IMG 7094

It’s so atas it comes in Gold and with a spatula! According to my elder sister it’s getting more and more common nowadays if you’re using higher end beauty products. LOL PS. I just went to check the price. it’s almost 100k won.

This is an anti aging cream, which is a lot thicker and richer than normal moisturiser. And yes. it’s CREAM not GEL CREAM.
My sister was telling me that she only used a pea size amount of this on her face every night because it’s so thick and a little goes a long way for her(PS she has oily surface, but dry skin) and she wouldn’t apply it in the day because it’s too thick and humid for Singapore’s weather. And mentioned that it’ll be something that I’ll appreciate for my Sahara Desert Skin. LOLL
That’s how i got to try this product.
The first time I applied it on. I’m not gonna lie. I left my pores getting drown by the cream(even though I didn’t apply much, just a pea size) it feels so suffocating, warm and sticky. As the day passed, I couldn’t take it and went to wash my face.

so the 2nd time round. I tried again with half the amount i used. it’s GOOD! I noticed throughout the day my skin remains radiant and there’s hardly any visible fine lines at the end of the day. It is a lot more light weight than when I first used it. However, that initial stuffy feeling is still there for the first probably 10mins. Once the product is more or less absorbed(don’t over apply) it’s feels quite comfortable on the skin.
IMG 7096

IMG 7097

Yup this is the amount you apply on your whole face. Don’t apply more than this. You’ve been warned! LOLL
IMG 7098

Little does really goes a long way.
IMG 7099

I gave up trying to pat the product in. so the remaining which didn’t get absorbed i applied it on my other hand LOL.

Can you see the lower part of my hand glowing? That’s how your face will look like for the entire day!
Bonus point! it makes your skin feel like baby’s skin! SOOOO soft!!!

There is a little floral scent to it. Which I didn’t mind, So you might wanna check out in stores to see if it’s acceptable for you.

1. A little last a long way
2. Achieves Anti Aging Claims
3. Leaves Skin feeling soft and elastic (like baby’s skin)
4. Nice Floral Scent

1. Not cheap
2. Not readily available in Singapore
3. need to be careful with the amount you apply

I’ll definitely recommend this product. Especially as a night cream. Just apply and go to bed don’t think about it. LOLLL sometimes when i’m in a hurry, I will apply little too much. Sometimes it bothers me, sometimes it doesn’t. So if you’re always in the hurry in the morning, I’ll recommend you apply this at night, then get another moisturiser which is light weight and not as thick to apply in the day.(:

If you’re tried this product, let me know your thoughts on it! will you recommend this too? what other favourites you have! recommend them to me!! (:

Till next post! BYE!!!!
Sign offA

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