Sunday, 3 December 2017


Hi Everyone, (if anyone is even reading LOL)

it’s been a while!

It’s been almost 1.5 years since i posted on this blog.

Many things have happened.. Mainly the pups(more like old man) business. Domo injured himself somewhere in April this year, and everything just went downhill for both of them. From just an injured limp(which we thought an easy procedure without surgery can be done) to a major surgery that require him at least 6months to heal, and in the midst of healing, his stomach had some issue due to the amount of medication he had to take for his injured limp and then the surgery, and lastly both of them had to undergo scaling just over the past month for periodontal disease prevention.

But on the good note. At least they’re now good and running around without feeling pain/discomfort/suffering.

2017 has be hell of a negative emotional ride. Training my mental health constantly every single day. When i thought things were getting better, something negative decides hit me again. TBH, i’m never a fighter, well i never consider and felt like one before. So I’ve no idea now i managed to overcome all these in 2017, not just the dogs but other personal, and work stuff as well. But there’s one thing that i learnt from it all, when things around you take a down turn, don’t overwhelm yourself with the negativity that surrounds you. take it easy, clear your mind and take it one thing at a time, day by day. All these negativity is temporary, and won’t last forever. If you have a solution to change things around, then do it! If it’s something that’s not within your control, just do your best everyday and it’ll slowly get better. I don’t even know if this is the right way to handle these, but at least it kinda help me go through the tough period.


I haven’t been posting much in 2016 as well, that’s because I was going through a quarter life crisis. I’m seeing people around me finding what they want in life and excelling(and not as well) in the field. Yet i’m still stuck no where. Feels like i’m in the middle of the sea holding on to a log trying to find a ship to board and safe myself. I have a full time job, but i don’t know it it’s what i want to do for the rest of my life, or do i want a career change, or…. To put it short, it’s just I don’t know what i want in life. I don’t know if what I’m doing is right for me, am i happy doing it or not. Don’t get me wrong, I love blogging, I love sharing with you my thoughts on stuff i’ve been trying out, I even made a YouTube Channel and videos. It’s something i’m genuinely interested about. It’s really just a hobby. But living in Singapore hobby/interest as your career isn’t an easy path. I have friends that wants to do what they love for their living, but very often the job that brings them joy can’t fill their rice bowl, and they have to find another alternative to fill their rice bowl, juggling many roles/job and a time, exhausting them mentally and physically. I don’t know if they’re happy doing it, but i am really envious of them having the courage to pursue their dreams no matter how hard life is choosing this path. Well for me, I have many interest, so i kinda don’t know what i wanna do in life. I love my dogs, which is the main reason why i love animals so much. I want to do something related in the animal welfare/well being field. Yet at the same time I’m interested in makeup fashion etc. And also part of me really like doing business. So it made me really struggle bit when i fell into this crisis, because i feel i don’t know what i want in life. But after much thought and calming down, I realise that it’s just I can’t find a middle ground where i can accommodate and do everything that I like together. Actually till today I still haven’t found a middle ground to it. HAHAHHAHAHA

I’ve been going through this “crisis” that most of the time i’m just unhappy and not in the mood of doing anything else out of the routine so i i don’t have to feel so vexed. I stopped blogging. i don’t want blogging to feel like a chore and an unhappy place as well. I’ve always tried my best to keep unhappy and depressing things out of the blog when i post, mainly because i just don’t like looking at sad stuff when i look back. I wanna see and remember the good ones, and at that point, i kinda couldn’t bring myself to post.


This entire 2017 thought me a lot. And the main take away is to take things one at a time, day by day. So i’ve decided that I’m gonna revive this blog. Post anything and everything like how i use to, maybe not everyday, but as often as i can, though i’d really like to go back to posting everyday, but no stress. Don’t want to make it seem like i’m making blogging a chore. If i can I’ll post more, but if not i’ll post when i can.

If you have any request, be it the dogs, makeup, skincare or anything.. really… Just let me know and I’ll write a post and let you know my views on it. Don’t ask me life advices HAHAH, because I’m not even sure if i can give a legit/ good help to you HAHAHAH I will also do up a post on what exactly happen to Domo when i’m ready to talk about it. Mainly because when i was going through the entire drama with Domo, most of the time I felt that I’m alone, and no one to turn to or anyone or anyone who can relate to what i’m going through and the decisions I have to make. There are so many unanswered worries prior to post recovery that I was unsure about and also mainly Domo’s well being and life after recovery. I know there’s bound to be someone out there, maybe even as i’m typing this post, feeling so helpless, uncertain and despair over the exact same method as what i’ve been though. So I’ll gather up and sort out all my emotions, and when i’m ready to talk about it, I’ll share into details what happened to Domo, what we did, and how we helped him recover from it. BTW he’s doing well, we’re done going back to the vet for good until the next annual vaccination. if you’re wondering what he’s doing now, it’s 7am and he’s sleeping on the bed beside me as I’m typing and tell you about him LOL totally oblivious about us talking about him HAHAHA! As for Ozzy, he’s also sleeping very comfortably with his 4 little legs up in the air like nothing’s gonna wake him up. oh.. Ozzy, he’s been a great emotional support for Domo and I this year. LOL So considerate and giving towards the both of us. I don’t even know if he knows it. LOL


Alright this post is getting little lengthy, and I want to go back and sleep in for another 2hrs before we start out day.  So i’ll see you in my next post!

Sign offA

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