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Review : L'Oreal Paris Skin Perfection 3in1 purifying Micellar Solution

PS. I totally understand why would people say they’re motivated to blog. be prepared! I was feeling super motivated when I shoot for this post. LOL!

Me being me always looking for good shortcuts to better skin. HAAHA
You know how the Bioderma was a hype few years ago? Many other companies came out with something similar, some were a hits, others were pretty much misses. I tried the bioderma and totally loved it, but the price really puts me off. and it’s not like I can use it for a really long time ): So i’ve always been on a hunt to try something similar. And here’s the closest I’ve found so far!

IMG 5550

IMG 5552

IMG 5553

they mentioned you can use this to soothe and tone your skin, I just use it to cleanse my skin when i’m too lazy to wash my face, or in the morning when my face is not that gross and I can get away with not washing it OR! when my skin is feeling little dry in the morning and washing it will make it feel even tighter.

IMG 5559

This is what I meant by feeling motivated to blog. LOL! since when do you ever see me in a review post for no reason. HAHAHA totally enjoying it! maybe i’ll do it more often in future HAHAHA!

PS.It’s morning face if anyone is wondering. Thus no makeup at all. LOL!
PPS. Red Headphone is on because I was watching or maybe more of listening to Youtube Videos while doing this. LOL!

IMG 5561

So like the instructions mentioned, just pour it on a cotton pad.
It’s really like water. The nozzle is bigger than the one from bioderma, so it’s really gonna gush out from the nozzle a lot faster than the bioderma! SO! don’t try and shake the bottle to get the product out. just gently tilt it will do.

IMG 5563

yes that was necessary. HAHAHAH
I usually just use 2 cotton pads instead of 1. Just cos it works faster and get a better clean while using this.
Well… at least I feel it’s cleaner, and not half of my face is cleaner than another. LOL!

IMG 5566

Just going in circular motion all over the face.

IMG 5573

Can you see the dirt on the cotton pad?
Doesn’t seem like a lot. It’s actually the dirt accumulated while sleeping. since I washed my skin before heading to bed.

I’ve never tried/bother to use this to remove makeup. Because I don’t believe this type of product can remove my makeup and cleanse the skin at the same time. So I just didn’t bother trying.

Since they mentioned it on the back of the product. I had to try it with some of my go to makeup products.

IMG 5578

So what’s on my hands is the dollywink liquid eyeliner; maybelline age rewind concealer; MAC Eyeliner Pencil in Brunette; Maybelline Rocket Waterproof mascara.

IMG 5579

I didn’t bother to get a new cotton pad. I just added little more product on the used cotton pad and wipe it once.

IMG 5580

Just one slow swipe. I did it slowly because I believe you need the solution to soak into the makeup to loosen(?) them. And I would say it really did a good job with just 1 wipe.

IMG 5581

What the cotton pad got with just 1 wipe. WOW! Totally sold. it really does works with removing makeup. But I’m still feeling it won’t be clean enough without washing my face. Just my pet peeve.~

IMG 5582

A few more wipes and everything is gone!
When i was trying it out. I didn’t added any force on purpose to rub it off or anything. Actually I was trying to find fault with it. But it really works great even while using the least amount of strength!

 Alright, to summarise things up~

1) Not Drying
2) Able to cleanse face without leaving residue
3) Able to remove waterproof makeup
4) Scentless

1) A Challenge trying to control the product use to the size of nozzle

Will I recommend this?
YES I will! for the price, totally sold.

Can’t remember how much it’s selling for but I’m thinking it’s below SGD$15?

Thanks for reading!
I shall see you in the next post!

Sign off

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