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Black Sugar Deep Cleansing Cream by Skinfood

I did a post on Black Sugar Scrub and a post where I featured a makeup remover where I have been loving.
Today, I'm back with another Skinfood post!~

Sometimes I find my family going a little too much over Skinfood products. I'm feeling pretty lucky we weren't living in Korea and in Singapore Skinfood is rather expensive.

For those who didn't know, Skinfood products in Singapore is about 3 times the price of that same product sold in Korea.


Anyways, Today, I'm back with something that I really like..

Black Sugar Deep Cleansing Cream!

And Yes you guess it, it's the Black Sugar Line from Skinfood!~

If you've read, I didn't really like the Black Sugar Scrub.
If you didn't know, Click HERE to read it

Product Description

From their website,
Contains rich creamy hydrating Brazilian black sugar to smoothly cleanse the skin without reaping off its natural moisture. Relieve thirsty and flaky skin without irritation

From the back of the product,
The mineral-rich Brazilian black sugar in the cleansing cream leaves your skin moist after washing and gently removes the dense makeup.

This is how the product looks like in the container

It is a cream consistency with I think mineral oil or something. There is a layer of transparent liquid in the product that never seem to mix into the cream.

The consistency of the product is quite watery, I wouldn't consider it to be cream, I would say it's more watery than creamy.

For demostration purpose, I have some makeup swatch on my hands

From easy to remove lipstick, concealer, pencil eyeliner, eye shadow and the toughest among all eye liner.

I apply some on the area where I want to remove my makeup and start working it in

You can tell that almost all the makeup are gone after some massaging, what's left behind is a faint mark of eyeliner.
PS the eyeliner is pretty tough to remove, Usually I'll just use a makeup remover to remove the eyeliner.

Add a little water and continue massaging.

and rinse with water to remove all the product off the skin.

As you can see, almost all the makeup is removed on the hand expect for a faint eyeliner mark is left.

I usually don't use this product when I need to remove eyeliner or waterproof makeup because I know it can never do so.
It stated that it was for gentle removing of makeup, So I kind of expected it already.

I mainly use this when I need to remove my BB cream only.

I do use my Biore makeup remover to remove my BB cream, but sometimes I'll switch over to this for something more gentle.

My Thoughts,
From my experience,

Unlike the Scrub Foam that I review earlier, I really like this product!

It doesn't strip moisture off my skin, instead it makes it more moisturized!

Even though it might be for gentle removing of makeup, I would avoid using this on my eyes because it always makes my eyes feel stingy after use.

What I like about this product, It doesn't strip off moisture from my skin leaving it feeling tight and dry. It actually moisturized my skin leaving a soft smooth finish. Unless it is super waterproof makeup, this product can remove makeup quite well!
And also, it doesn't leave this oily feeling, like many other makeup remover will, after rinsing it off with water.

What I don't like about this product, it stings my eyes a little when I use it around my eye area, so I'll keep this product away from my eyes. And I find it a little difficult to pick up enough products without re-dipping the fingers into the pot, which I find a little unhygienic.

I couldn't think of a better way this product can be design. I understand why it is design like this. The product is quite watery even though it is said to be a cream.
So I guess having it in a tube will make a worse mess, which might end up frustrating me even more!~

If you feel that dipping your hands back into the tub is very unhygienic, you can use a small disposable spoon to scoop the product out. It works fine!(:

Although this is a cleansing cream, I still would use a cleanser to wash my face after that because it doesn't give me the clean feeling I want. It is personal preference. Some people find this product cleansing their skin well, so they don't follow it with another cleansing step.

I would recommend people who are looking for or are interested in something that gently removes makeup.
Not everyone needs a makeup remover that is so strong it can remove anything.
And I wouldn't recommend you to spend this money if your local Skinfood is selling this at a ridiculously high price like mine, because I feel that you can use pull off using a makeup remover, then moisturize after that.

This cleansing cream is pretty much enough if you want to remove makeup like sun block, BB cream, powder foundation and blush.

And it retails for SGD$35 at our local Skinfood Stores.

Yes it is costly for a makeup remover, so you might want to think twice before getting this!

Although I like this product, but because of it's price sold in Singapore, I'm always a little skeptical about getting it again.

What about you? Have you tried this? what are your thoughts?

xx, meiyi

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  1. hi, was wondering if this deep cleansing cream does well at removing eyebrow makeup other than bb cream? :) am interested to try this (and few other products. hehheh.) upon seeing your reviews. ;D


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