Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Papaya Yogurt Mask Wash Off by Skinfood

Today's review will be on Papaya Yogurt Mask Wash Off by Skinfood

I really love using the wash off masks by Skinfood, because I find them very gentle, and wouldn't break me out.

But if you compare them with many other brands of mask, the results they give are not as great.

I got this mask initially because I didn't like applying moisturizer on my face and my face is very dry then. I saw this mask on the shelves when I was getting the rice mask and was told that it helps with nourishing and moisturizing my face. So I gave it a try.

Unlike the Rick Mask, I've never heard any reviews let alone raves when I decide to get it.

It comes in a lotion consistency and you just pick some out to apply onto your face.

There is green beads in the mask that will burst when you massage your face while applying the mask on.
I don't know what the green beads contain/are, I'm guessing it has some nourishing properties.
PS. not too sure though.

It applies clear onto skin like other lotions.
I normally leave it on for about 20mins before I rinse it off.

My Thoughts,
From my experience,

What I like about this mask is that it does moisturize my face, leaving it smooth and soft. I like how it smells fruity and refreshing. Although it is a papaya mask, it doesn't have papaya scent, which is dislike. Some scent from mask makes me sick, but this mask is fine! Like all Skinfood masks I've tried, this papaya mask will not break me out.

What I don't like about this mask, hmmm, I wouldn't say it is a don't like but more of a disadvantage as compared to other hydrating mask.
This mask don't work miracle, so don't expect it to see any effects on the first few uses.
I use it everyday for about a week to notice that my skin is not as dry as before.
The mask works, but for people who yearns for quick/fast results, you might think that this product is a waste of money. However, once the results are shown, you will notice that your skin is still hydrated even when you don't use it everyday.

I would say this mask is very suitable for teenagers to young adult because it is very suitable for sensitive skin. And because it is really gentle, so it will be more suitable for people who are just starting to pay more attention to their faces, since some mask are too strong for some people and may break them out.

Although the results are not immediate, after constant use, you will notice you face being soft and smooth.
I've started using moisturizer daily now, but on days where I feel I need extra moisture, I would will apply this mask before I apply my moisturizer.

For people who don't like using a moisturizer after washing your face, you can try this mask everyday or every other day to keep your face moisturized. But remember to give it some time to let the product show it's results.

This product retails for SGD $18.50 at local Skinfood Stores.

Have you tried any of their mask yet?

xx, meiyi

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  1. I also tested this mask. Great scent, but I didn't notices spectacular effect. Blog kosmetyczny


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