Thursday, 23 August 2012

Cucumber Facial Peel-Off Mask by Freeman

Today's review will be on Freeman's Cucumber Facial Peel-Off Mask

This mask have been HIGHLY RAVED on the internet, be it the Freeman website, Makeup Alley even on YouTube and some blogs I've chanced upon. So I decided to get one of it when I saw them at Guardian.

Product Description,
From their website,
This ever so fun mask gently peels away impurities while Cucumber extract leaves skin silky smooth. Perfect for normal to combination skin. Directions: Apply evenly to face, avoiding eye area, Leave on 5-10 minutes or until dry.  Gently peel off mask.  Rinse with warm water.

Although the mask is very thick and sticky, it flows out of the tube very very easily. So you have to take note when you open the lid because I have spilled and made messes many times!:(
From the picture above, you can tell I made a mess again.

Although the product is very runny, the consistency of it feels no where near watery.
It is a thick, sticky, gel texture.

Spread it all over evenly.
They said to leave it on for 5-10 mins.
I realize 5-10mins wouldn't dry the mask at all. I usually leave it on for 20-30mins to let it dry before being able to peel it out.

When it dries, it should looks something like this.
Actually I think you should be able to feel that if the mask is dried or not.HEHHEH!

Then you can start peeling off.
I'm really bad at peeling this off, so the next picture is a little....

Yeah I rolled everything up, because it keeps breaking/tearing up!):
PS. I'm really very bad at this!HEHHEH!

My Thoughts,
From my experience,

I feel that this product is too OVERLY raved. Some people make it seem like it is a miracle product and works better than what it states. Yes it does what it is suppose to do, makes your skin feels soft and smooth, but some people say they make their dull skin looks bright! Which did not happened to me at all. It does really leave your skin soft and smooth after application, but the next morning, you'll feel no difference with before application. I've saw reviews saying that they clear up black & white heads, I'm not sure about that because I didn't notice any of them. 
I feel other than what is stated in the product, I didn't notice this mask doing anything more.

What I like about this product is it does really help with the deep cleansing part, because it does really leave a clean feeling after. It does remove dirt on your face and those that are in your pores, but it has to be on the surface, If it is like a stubborn blackhead or deep clogged pores, it definitely wouldn't do the job. I also like the cooling and refreshing feeling it gives while having it on. When you had a long day out, having this mask on your face can relax the tired skin, which is a pleasant feeling to experience.

What I don't like about this product, it is really quite painful to peel it off. It is my most dreaded thing to do when I apply this mask on.
I'm guessing if you don't have tiny fine hairs all around your face, like I do, it shouldn't be a factor to you.
I have very fine tiny hair on my face so when I peel the mask off, it tends to pull the hair too. Sometimes it feels alright, the pain is bearable, sometimes it gets quite painful I had pause for a while before peeling again.

If you are someone who can't tolerate pain, I guess you exfoliate your skin then apply a cucumber sheet mask or wash off mask to get the same effect. I've tired using my CURE and a cucumber mask to see if they have the same effect and yes they do work relatively the same. But price wise, definitely this Cucumber Peel -Off mask is of a CHEAPER deal.

I got this Cucumber Peel-Off mask at Guardian at a promotion, and it cost me SGD$5.90, but it is not an expensive product.
I believe,
This retail at SGD$ 8-10 at local Guardian and Watsons Store.

Have you tried it?What are your thoughts? Comment them down below!!

xx, meiyi


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