Monday, 27 August 2012

Coastal Scents 88 Original Palette

Since I'm going a little crazy with eye shadows recently, I shall share my most reached for palette!

With no doubt it is the 88 Original Palette from Coastal Scents!

They have a pretty wide range of colours, from nude to yellow to green etcetc.

This is how the interior of the palette look like.
PS. I totally overlook at the part about taking the full interior view

I got to know about this palette on YouTube and sadly they don't have a counter or store in Singapore, but if you search for online shops in Singapore, you can find some!

I got mine when I started getting into eye makeup, I didn't know what colours should I choose from and what brands should I get. So I thought I should get a palette and try the colours out.

I have use the palette for quite some time and it still looks new, so I sure it will last for a pretty good period of time!

I like playing around with the colours to see which is my most reached for colours, usually only then I will go out and purchase something similar, because, as least, I have a rough idea what to get instead of buying blindly.

Here are some swatches from the palette, I'd say the colours are very pigmented! It is definitely a palette worth buying. I can't really remember how much I got mine for but I'm pretty sure it is under SGD$30

I have the Shimmer palette too, but I prefer the Original Palette because it has shimmery and matte colours in it. And the colours are more wearable and easier to mix and match with.
I find the Shimmer palette a little harder for me because sometimes it gets too shimmery the combination looks pretty weird.

I saw, from their website, that they came out with a 252 Ultimate Palette and I'm thinking of getting one!
Anyone of you have it?! share your thoughts with me!

xx, meiyi

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