Monday, 20 August 2012

Everyday Blush - Mac Peachtwist

Other than the ELF Studio Blush that I love, there is this blush that I've been reaching for as often if not more recently.
It is the MAC Blush in PeachTwist

I promise I'll never use an orange background again. It washes out the colours of the products so badly!

The colour looks very dull in the pan, a little like a plumy coral, gave me a feeling that it will look too dark on my cheeks.

But it applies differently.

Like any other blushes from MAC, this is how it looks like from the front

And back, mentioning the name of the blush.

My Thoughts,
From my experience,

There is shimmers in the blush that gives a more radiant look. Although it looks plumy in the pan, but when you apply it on your face or swatch it on your hands, it is a nice peachy colour. I would say a little product goes a long way.The colour is very buildable, so the more you add, the more intense and unnatural your cheeks looks.

I like wearing this as a everyday blush. I just need a a little and  work it on my cheeks and I look more awake and less pale (healthier). Like what people like using, Natural Glow.

As you can tell, from the blended swatch, it gives that area of my hands a tint of peach, which looks really natural.

This is what I'll pair with to I apply my blush on.
And the brush I use is

Sigma's Large Angled Contour Brush - F40

I like how this is angled, it falls nicely and evenly on my cheeks, giving an even application.

I've tried using a dome-shaped brush to apply it, but no matter how I try to blend it, it looks like I have round cheeks, Like those dolls we use to play when we were young.

Not that exaggerating but it reminded me of that!

So I wouldn't recommend using one of those to apply as blush. A slightly dome-shaped is fine. But not those Tapered Dome-Shaped
Something like this

I also like how dense it is. It wouldn't leave streak marks on my face when I use it.

I wouldn't call this the perfect combination because there is bound to be a better blush or a better to brush to complement each other. But I feel that for now, both of these works great!(:

What blush/brush are you wearing today??

xx, meiyi

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