Sunday, 5 August 2012

Mini Haul from Lush

I did a little shopping yesterday and I wanted to share with you what I've got.

I've only made purchase at Lush because there were some products I've been yearning to try for ages.But because of the price, I didn't allow myself to for a very long time.
After getting these products from Lush, I told myself I would spend anymore money. So that explains my only purchase of the day! HEHHEH! But I still want to share though..

Here's what I got.

Cynthia Sylvia Stout

Product Story:
A mild surfactant base that washes well – we’ve added yeast, which is a protein conditioner, balsamic vinegar and lemon juice to close the hair cuticle, give shine and help the hair to lie flat.
It’s hard to ignore the smell of half a bottle of beer – so instead we have added essential oils that compliment the smell; with lemongrass to add a dash of lemonade scent and cognac oil to give a smoothness and sophistication. 
Leaves you with tamed, shining, beautiful-smelling hair.  We think that’s something to celebrate. But it’s your round, isn’t it?
The beer we use in this shampoo is vegan, because we are scared of hilary, one of our long term resident vegans, and she was always complaining that this shampoo could easily be vegan if we just bought a nice, independent brewery ale for it. So we found a lovely small brewery that doesn’t add anything horrid to their stout – and now vegans can use this too. Phew! Although after all our hard work to put in lovely things for the hair – it turns out she is using it as a shower gel.
Named after Shel Silverstein’s poem “Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout, would not take the garbage out!” 

I got this shampoo because I wanted to try something to tame my hair. Those 'antennas' that are sticking out on my head are getting on my nerves! I was in that store actually looking at Rehab initially, but I was told by the sales lady that this shampoo gives shine to your hair, making your hair look much healthier.
So being so drawn into the advantages that I was looking for, I got myself a small bottle to try.

To be honest, I haven't really smell the shampoo yet, so I won't know if I like it until I've tried it!(:

American Cream

Product Story:
The vanilla pod infusion, vanilla absolute and clary sage fragrance is one of our most popular product scents and lasts in the hair for hours. We get constant requests to put this fragrance in other products, but we save it for American Cream Conditioner. 

I have very tangley hair (if there is such word) after shampoo, and the sales lady introduced me to this product.
She said this will help with tangles and leaving your hair smooth and soft.
I was told that it smells like strawberry and vanilla. I tried smelling it at the store, but because of the over powering soap scent in the store, I couldn't exactly tell what I was smelling. If I was smelling it right, I think the scent of this condition smells good!(:  Let me try it and get back again!(:

And for the Last Item...

Seanik Solid Shampoo

Product Story:
Sea salt adds body and bounce and lemon oil adds shine. We finish this off with a tropical island fragrance of mimosa absolute, orange flower absolute and jasmine absolute that is absolutely fabulous for leaving your hair with a light fresh feeling.

I HAVE BEEN WANTING TO TRY THIS FOR AGES! I have been wanting it so badly! But I convinced myself time to time that it is not worth the money.
Even after reading at all the great reviews online about this product I kept stopping myself from getting it. But yesterday I totally gave in....

Like what the shampoo and conditioner does, this solid shampoo can do the same too! That is what I was told...I have not tried it yet.
I wanted to try this so badly is because I have not found a shampoo that is good for deep cleansing. So I really want to see if it cleanse my hair well. And most importantly, it softens your hair, adds shine to it and will not weight your hair down! It leaves your hair with body and bounce! That sounds amazing! Can't wait to try it as I'm typing.HEHHEH! I shall try it after this post...HEHHEH!

So YEAH! That's all I got from my shopping trip yesterday..After coming out from the store I felt a little broke and kept telling myself I can't spend anymore money!

I can't wait to try all 3 products. I hope it really works like how I was told!
PLEASE don't disappoint me LUSH PRODUCTS!~~

If you've tried any of these 3 products leave me a comment telling me how you like it!(: At least I can expect something from it...!

If not tell me what products you like from Lush! Maybe on my next trip there, I can pick one up to try too!

PS. I'm not trying to show off or anything, I just want to share and hear thoughts about them!(:

Till next post! Bye!~

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xx, meiyi

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