Sunday, 26 August 2012

Haul #3

A few days ago, My friend and I met for dinner, for a person like me being around Orchard Road, it is really hard for me to resist buying stuff. Especially beauty products. I can resist buying everything just not beauty products. But I manage to control myself and got a few items!

Here are the products I've purchased.
PS. take notice the orange nail colour? It is half filled. I believe I got a defect good or people use it as a tester. I only notice it when I started applying!): Since I've already started using it, I didn't want to go back and return it..Oh well...

I needed a top coat badly, my old one was almost done!
I always stick to having Sally Hansen's top coat and base coat. I know they are not the best around and it is rather costly, but it works the best on me and more importantly, it is the most accessible to get hold of.
I was using the Instant Dry top coat initially, but I saw some great reviews on the Mega Shine, so I thought of getting hold of one when I'm out.

I like how their brushes for their base and top coats are always so square-ish and flat, makes it really easy to get into the corners of the nails.

I've tried using it once, it is amazing! It actually prevents the nails from chipping. I have my nail colour on for 4 days and there's no sign of chipping yet! usually my nails tend to start chipping within 2-3days!

This retails for SGD$11.90-$16.90 at our local Watsons/ Guardian Stores.
I got mine during the Watsons Private member sales for SGD $9.90. YAY!!

The rest of the stuff I purchase are from Etude House! YAY! I believe this will be my new favourite store to go!

This the Juicy Cocktail Graduation Nails.
I'm not sure if this is it's name, but this is what they printed on the receipt.

I saw the design they did to show people how is was done. I thought it was amazing! It is a gradient nail art pattern and I really liked how they did it on the acrylic nail! So I got one set hoping to try it on myself!

It comes in 3 shades, I got the #2 Kiss of Fire.

It is a pinkish nude shade which a natural colour but hint of pink it in.

This are the 3 colours that comes in the box. The glitters of the nail colours are of different size, from very fine to chunky.

They have 1,2,3 on the cap of the nail colour, you just have to follow the sequence while painting them on to achieve that effect.
They do have the instructions on the back of the packaging to show you how to do it, but it is all in Korean, so I gave the photo a miss.

I thought it would be easy, but it turn out really ugly on my fingers. It look nothing like gradient but more like sections! which made me really upset! I guess I have to search for some video/tutorial to do it well.

This retails for SGD$ 12.90 at our local Etude House stores

I also got myself 2 individual nail colours.
I really like the yellow,because many yellow nail colour I've seen are very bright and striking yellow. Not that I don't like them, I actually do, just that I wanted something pale and pastel.
I painted the yellow nail colour on my 4 fingers and I really like how the colour turn out on me!

The other colour is a peachy colour, It is also a pale and pastel colour, very suitable to wear everyday. I was expecting the colours to be really bright and vibrant, but it turn out really pale and soft. it is nothing close to nude, but it looks very natural with a hint of orange in it.
I painted it on the pinky just for the fun of it.

When I was painting my nails, I thought it'll look really boring just with one colour all over so I added the 2nd colour on my pinky, randomly. HEHHEH!

This retails for SGD$3.90 at our local Etude House stores.

The last item I got is an eye shadow, Yes again-.-

I've tried the few the I got from my previous trip, they are AMAZING!And I wanted to try their shimmery brown to see how it turns out, since the previous trip I got all matte and a gold glitter shadow.

The name of it in Korean is "Shirobpaego Take Out"
which makes no sense to me. But I realize they had an English name for it at the side of the pacakging.

and it is "Take-out Coffee"

Just like the other eye shadows I got from Etude House, there is this heart-shape imprint in it! AHHH!! I like~

Here's a swatch on how it looks like, it's a shimmery bronzey brown. I really like how the colour turn out on my skin. I can see myself wearing this colour often in the near future!(:

This retails for SGD$7.90 at our local Etude House stores.

That's all for this post!(:
PS. I'm going on to write the next post now!

xx, meiyi

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