Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Haul #1 - Etude House

So yeah! I'm back with a haul!

I tweeted on Saturday that I will be doing a haul and on Sunday I push it back because I was thinking of waiting for my mail to come.

But this morning when I was uploading my photos, I realise the post will be too long & filled with pictures. So I'm going to do a 2 parts haul..

PS. I like my post to be short , so I won't bore you out half way through!(:

On Saturday I was at Orchard shopping after catching the movie, Brave

For those who have yet to catch the movie, here's the trailer!

I'm pretty bad at summarizing a show without giving out spoilers. So I shall not say anything about this show!(:

Back to the point, Etude House at Wistma Atria was under going a revamp and had just reopen last week, if I'm not wrong it reopened on 9 August 2012.

I'm never a fan of Etude House because the product they sell used to be overpriced in my context, so I'd never shopped there.

I really wanted to see how the new Etude House looked like now, so I went down to check it out!..

Wow..It's really beautiful now! Really beautiful!

I was really shocked when I saw the price of the products..

Did they repriced their products? because it seems much cheaper now! and I don't remember it being so cheap.

Although the store was busy at that time, I had a Korean Makeup Artist following me around and demonstrating the products to me. I'm really thankful for that! Since everything I got was introduced by her!

PS. She can't really speak English and I can't really speak Korean, but we seem to communicate fine with simple words..(:

I don't think they changed their bags do they? I've never been there for a really long time. I thinking, maybe a year?

So here's my loots from Etude House!(:
and Yes all these were introduced by the Lady there!

Let's start with the sun spray

PS. I don't know the name and I can't find it online,Sorry!~

This is the only sun block that comes in a aerosol spray/ spray bottle in the store.

I have been wanting to try one of this when I saw some other brands at Watsons, but I didn't know what kind of feeling it will give. I especially want to avoid those oily sunblock feeling.*shivers*

There wasn't testers at Watsons or Guardian so I gave them a missed.
But at Etude House, they have a tester for that and the lady spray some on my hands because I told her I scared it might be oily.

It gives a really cooling feeling and it is not oily at all. It actually feels like water.
So after testing, I got one!

Just like all other Aerosol Sprays, this is how the nozzle looks like!(:

This retails for SGD$24.90 at the local Etude House Stores!(:
It is not the cheapest I've seen, but this is the only one with the tester, so I thought I should just try this out!(:

The rest of the items are all eye shadows,

This are the front and back of the eye shadows.
I actually really like how they design the eye shadow. There's heart shapes all over the pan. Looks feminine!
Get yourself prepared for the following close up shots!(:

Cafe Mocha, A very dark brown.
This colour is pretty matte, I think it would do well when I want a smudgy eyeliner look!
Haven't tried that though, just a thought.

Caramel Latte, Skin tone colour
A nice all over lid colour to even out discoloration on eyelids, eg. redness or vein lines.

Sweet Potato Latte, Purple/Plumy colour
I was thinking of doing a subtle smokey purple look with this colour, but after testing this on my hands, it looks a little too light, not too sure how it will go, shall try it out one day.

And last but not least,

Ethnic Bronze Bangle, Shimmery bronze colour.
Suitable for all over lid colour on days where you feel lazy but still want to look nice!
PS. This was what the lady told me. And she had it on her that day! I thought it looks really nice on her so I got it too!(:

I tried shooting this shot a few times, and this look the best, but still blurry.
It's actually nothing important. If you noticed, the back of the Ethnic Bronze Bangle's back shot is different from the rest of the eye shadow. I didn't know it could be opened out until I was shooting the photos.
In the flip up area, grey area, it shows how to use it, which is applying it all over your eyes and also point out that it is for external use. And the white area shows the ingredient of the eye shadow

But if you tear that layer out,

It is actually the same!(:

Here are the swatches of the eye shadows

1. Cafe Mocha (matte)
2. Caramel Latte (matte)
3. Sweet Potato Latte (matte)
4. Ethnic Bronze Bangle (shimmery)

I'm just wondering, since I don't know what is the rest of the matte eye shadows name, is it that all the matte eye shadow from Etude House name after food? Or is it just coincident that the ones that I bought were food related names?

HEHHEH! I guess I wouldn't know until I go down again to check every single matte eye shadows they have there!(:

The Matte eye shadows retails for SGD $ 7.90 and the Shimmery eye shadow retails for SGD $ 11.90 at the local Etude House stores

That's all for the Etude House Haul or Haul #1!

Haul #2 to be continued....Stay Tune!

xx, meiyi


  1. Hey! The colors you bought are from Etude's Look at My Eye's Cafe line. There are 8 cafe shades. ^_^


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