Saturday, 4 August 2012

How I keep my Hands and Legs Moisturized!

In the previous post I did a review on the L'Occitane Hand Cream. It is not my favourite lotion to use, so in today's post, I wanna share my favourite body lotion and how I keep my hands and legs moisturized.

And it is the Vaseline Healthy White Perfect 10.

And here is the front and back of the product.

I was at the supermarket and wanted to find a lotion that is mositurizing. I then saw this lotion and read the back of the product. Yes the part that attracted me to get this product is the 10 benefits this lotion can give.

I tried it for a week, day and night. Because I don't really like having anything on my skin in the day, I find it really disgusting to while having this on my skin the entire day. Reason being this lotion will leave an oily feeling on the skin and it will only be gone hours later. So I only have it on at night.

I've been using this product for a little more than a month now, so I shall do a little review to see if this product works or not.

1) Visible Skin Lightening,
To be honest, maybe there is, but I didn't notice any difference in my skin colour.

2) Even-tone Restoration,
Yes there is, very a very faint one. I think it is those discoloration that is caused by the sun.

3) UVA & UVB Protection,
I don't think this can be seen by the naked eyes. But I think there is. Since it evens out the skin tone, shows that the sun isn't damaging the same that much because of the sun screen proctection, Which is UVA & UVB since these are the thing that are damaging out skin.

4) Dark Mark Reduction,
Just like point 2, it is just a very faint one.

5) Radiance Boost,
My skin isn't that matte, because it is very dry, it look more healthier now. So yes, there is much more radiance.

6) Skin Feels Firm & Tight,
I didn't really feel that it is tighter or firmer. So I think this is a no.

7) Visibly Reduces Fine Lines,
This has to be a yes. When my legs are dry they form wrinkle like lines, but after applying this lotion for a month, the lines did visibly reduce.

8) Skin Renewal,
That I didn't notice anything, because I don't know now to see if there is a skin renewal or not. so sorry guys...):

9) Intense Moisturization,
YES, This WORKS! Because I have really really dry legs, it is now not that dry anymore! Which is something I have been working on for so LONG!

10) Deep Nourishment,
Other than noticing my skin not being so dry, I also noticed that it is much softer... So it works too!

So...Every night...,

I'll pump some on my hands

And apply them on my legs and hands and work then into the skin.

For parts that are really dry and needed more moisture,

I'll use the Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

I'll take a bit out. For this post, I took a lot out so I can shoot a photo of it.

And apply on areas that are very dry and needs more moisture.

Just a little tip to add on, To keep the moisture on the entire night, especially if you're sleeping in an air-conditioned environment, wear a long pants and long sleeves to cover your legs and hands. Not forgetting to cover your feet, put on a sock so that the moisture is kept.

So this is how I keep my hands and legs moisturize, I hope you find this helpful!(:

PS. This are my thoughts on the products, it may not work on everyone since everyone's skin work differently!(:

Till Next post~~ BYE!~

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