Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Black Sugar Scrub Foam by Skinfood

And Yes, I'm back with another Skinfood review

And it is the Black Sugar Scrub Foam.

This product actually belongs to my sister, who has acne-prone oily skin.
But I've used it enough to see some results on my skin else I wouldn't be writing this now.

Close up front

Close up back

Product Description,

From the back of the product.
The mineral-rich Brazilian black sugar grains in the scrub foam smoothly cleanse off the old layer leaving your skin moist after washing.

From the website,
Softly exfoliates and hydrates with Brazilian Organic Black Sugar, without reaping skin of its natural moisture. Relieves thirsty and flaky skin without irritation.

This product comes with a twist off cap, because when we squeeze the product out, there is very grainy sugar in the product, I don't think a small nozzle will be able to squeeze them out easily.

This is how it looks like when you squeeze it out of the tube.
There is this transparent fluid that comes out before the scrub comes out, I'm not really sure what it is, but I'm guessing it might be some mineral oil in the scrub.

When you start cleansing your face, you'll feel the sugar grain. To me it actually feels a little too harsh for my skin, but after a while, the sugar grains melt away, and it start to foam.

After working the scrub for a while, the scrub starts foaming and you can no longer feel the grains, and it feels like normal cleanser. That is when I rinse my face.

My Thoughts,
From my experience,

I've have been using it on and off for 2 months now, and reason being I don't think it is suitable for my skin type.(we will get to that later)

Although it is a Black Sugar product, it smells nothing like sugar, instead, it smells more like lemon. Which is very refreshing. When you use it in the morning, it will wake you up! I don't think there is mint in the product, but there is a very very light cooling sensation, it might be that I'm over thinking.

What I like about this product it exfoliate my skin well leaving a smooth finish. Other than feeling that it is really harsh at the beginning, it feels alright once the sugar grains melt. I actually do feel that it does cleanse my face VERY thoroughly after a long day.

What I don't like about this product is it dries out and tighten my skin like CRAZY! Although it says that will leave your skin feeling moist, I felt nothing like that. Instead every single time I use it, my skin felt so tight and dry I had to quickly apply extra moisturizer to relieve that feeling.

I was wondering if I was the only one that is feeling this way, so I asked my sister, who bought it, but she told me she feels that it tightens her skin. That's all. So I might be the only one feeling it this way.

I'm guess this scrub probably isn't suitable for people with dry skin.

I would say for people with combination skin, you probably want to use it like once every 2-4 weeks. At least that is how I've been using it. 

I wouldn't recommend to use it every week let alone twice a week.

I've tried using it every other day to test what results it will give. And my skin was so tight and dry, it start to crack and a little. It isn't a good feeling.

I'm not too sure how they work at the moisturizing department, because it does nothing other than making my face even more dry.

I guess this product is much more suitable for people with oily to very oily skin.

If you're interested in getting this product, maybe it might work differently on you,
This product retails at SGD $35 at local Skinfood Stores.

PS. I'm thinking maybe I'm using this product wrongly, Anyone here has ever tried and love it? Leave me a comment to tell me how you like it!(:

xx, meiyi


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  2. The scrub is good for people with oily skin.For those with dry,mature,sensitive skin I would recommend Acai berry mask,Ginseng mask,Honey red orange mask.Or you can look for products with acids from fruits(AHA,BHA)that remove impurities chemically,but gentle.Scrubs like Black sugar scrub foam,that have exfoliating particles remove dead cells mechanically and If you rub it intensely,cam irritate the skin

    1. Hi!

      Your comment is informative and really helpful!(: Thankyou so much!!(:


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