Sunday, 26 August 2012

Mineralized SkinFinish Natural! by MAC

Today's review will be on one of the products I've mention on my Back 2 School - Beauty Essentials Post

And it is the MAC Mineralized SkinFinish Natural!

I'm in the shade medium. Medium is sometimes too fair for me other times it's alright.but since the coverage of it is really light,it's totally fine!

This powder I believe is the first if not 2nd product I own from MAC.

I was just into makeup when I saw the hype about it all over YouTube! It was so HIGHLY raved I guess almost all the YouTubers I was subscribed to had one of it.

So I thought I should get one myself too!

This is how it looks like when I try to swirl some product on my hands.
There really isn't a need to post how the swatch looks like. It is so light coverage, it just look like your skin, barely covers anything.

What I like about this product, it is compact and light coverage, perfect as a setting powder. It is very compact, I can just pop it into my bag and it doesn't even occupy much space, unlike my ELF Powder.
I also like that it is not thick and heavy, when I have this powder on just with a little BB cream, it doesn't feel like I have a lot of makeup on. And most importantly, it doesn't look cakey!

What I don't like about this product, I don't really have much complains about this product. I find that it works well on my skin and doesn't break me out. One thing that I would like to have in it is a mirror, so I don't have to bring around an extra mirror or look for a toilet to touch up. But as know, this isn't really much of an inconvenience to me. So that's fine..(:

I wouldn't recommend people with oily skin to this product. Because it doesn't have silicon to help prevent your face from looking oily, what's more is that it melts off oily face pretty easily. It doesn't stay as well as normal compact powder.
I notice that it doesn't keep my T-zone Shine free too. but my T-zone isn't that oily to start off with, so I'm fine with it too.

This retails at SGD$46 at our local Mac Counters/Stores~
PS. I'm not sure if there is a price increase, but this is the price I got mine for.

xx, meiyi

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