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Skin79 VIP Gold Super Plus BB Cream

One of my earlier posts I mentioned about Choosing BB Cream and also about the My BB Cream Choice.

I did mention that I like the Lioele BB cream more than the Skin79 but I use the Skin 79 more often because it is easier to get hold of.

I was planning on doing a post earlier, but it slipped off my mind.

So I'm here today to give my thoughts on the Skin79 VIP Gold Super Plus BB Cream

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I chance upon this chart while I was looking through the Skin79 BB cream to see which is more suitable for me.

I heard more reviews on the Hot Pink BB cream instead of the one that I'm be mentioning.

I didn't get the pink one because it is for oily/combination skin.

Yes I have combination skin, but my skin is more to the dry side. So I felt that it wouldn't be suitable for me.

PS. This is the only BB cream I've tried from Skin79, so I can't really compare it with the others.

This BB cream comes in a pump, but it is pretty difficult to pump out the amount you need initially, but once you get use to it/ the pump becomes easier to pump, you can easily pump the right amount out.
So a little more careful on the first few uses!(:

For demonstration purpose, I pump out a little out on the back of my hands

And then blend it out.
I deliberately did not apply on the entire back of my hands you can see the difference in colour and what I meant by grey/white(read on).

After blending a little more, the BB cream is less grey/white.

After leaving it for about 5 mins to let it set,

It pretty much blends with your skin colour and looks natural.
 Did you notice the back of my hands are not so dark and dull looking as before?

And because this BB cream is not a high coverage BB cream, it doesn't conceal the veins on my hands.

Just a side note, If I were to set my BB cream with powder after that..
I will wait for about 5mins before doing so.

From my experience, if I do it immediately after I'm done applying the BB cream, my face will look as very white and the difference in colour will be very obvious too.

My Thoughts,
From what I experienced
1)It instantly brightens up dull looking skin, making you look more awake.

Not only when you have the BB cream on. If you use the BB cream diligently everyday, you will notice that your complexion will also brighten without having the BB cream on.

2)After using it for a period of time, I noticed that my skin is more moisturized, softer and smoother. in another words, my skin is more elasticity than before.

3)For whitening, I'm not sure if it is because my skin looks brighter or so, it does actually looks fairer too.

4) I use to have acne breakout in the past. When I use this BB cream, it actually helps to heal the acne and blemishes I have on my face.

5) And also, because of its whitening effect, acne scars are lighter under regular use. 
And now totally gone.

6) There is Sun protection of 25PA++ which I like and keeps darking of scars at bay!

7) Although the coverage of this BB cream is very low, it still helps to cover up slight skin discoloration, letting you skin tone look more even out.

8) It lightly conceals dark circles, but not totally.

1) This BB cream is quite white/.grey, So you have to make sure that you don't apply too much on your face if not you'll look very grey/white throughout the day. Looks pretty unnatural in my context.

2) Because the BB cream has this greyish tone in it, throughout the day, you skin will look a little grey, I won't really mind on normal days where I just run some errands or go to school, but not on days where I need to dress up a little more.

3) I wouldn't say this BB cream feels heavy on skin, but it is not as lightweight as the Lioele BB cream I like.

For those who are wondering,
Since it is not my favourite BB cream why do I still use it everyday?
It is pretty simple,
This BB cream is unlike tinted moisturizer / foundation or some other BB creams I've tried.
This BB cream not only makes you look better with it on, It help with improving skin conditions too.
Although it has flaws that I didn't like, but how it works on me and how it makes my skin of better condition now overwrites the flaws that it does it me.(:

This BB cream is actually the one that made me start to accept BB creams again.
So it is worth a try for those who have not had their hands on this!(:

This BB cream retails for SGD$35-40 at your local Watsons Store!

PS. I've been using this BB cream for about 2 years...Do you get what I mean?..HEHHEH!

If have any BB cream to recommend, feel free to let me know so I can try them too!

Till next post..

xx, meiyi

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