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Back 2 School - Beauty Essentials

I saw many people on YouTube did this this morning so I thought of doing it too!

As you may know, I don't carry a makeup bag with me because I don't really touch up my makeup and I'm just too lazy to carry tons of makeup around with me!

I initially wanted to name this what is in my makeup bag...But there really isn't many makeup in that bag..SO...

My school don't start until the end of next month. So it didn't come to my mind that school is starting. Usually around this period, there will be many back to school series coming in, but this year...It's kind of lacking..
At least that's what I thought.

The things that will be mentioned are beauty related so...explains the title!

Here are the things I carry with me to school everyday.
I don't store them in the same pouch because I don't like having big pouches in my bags, I like having small little pouches in my bag.

These are "worth" 2 pouches HEHHEH!

PS. I won't try to bore you by telling you which belongs to which pouch!

You should have already noticed the numbers in the photos.
Following the sequence here are the details of it.


This is a Kabuki Brush from The Body Shop and my very trustworthy MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium.
As we all know the MSF Natural don't come with a sponge or applicator. So I like to pair it with a brush(preferably a small one) with it.

The Kabuki Brush has a casing that comes with it, which makes it very very hygienic! Makes me feel at ease tossing it into the pouch after use.

The MSF natural is a pretty light coverage powder, so I like keeping this in my bag in case I need to touch up or set my makeup, which happens very rarely. That's why after so long, it still looks like I just got it!):


I like keeping lip balms to moisturize my lips.
Since I'm in an air conditioned environment the entire day, I like to keep a lip balm or lip butter to moisturize my lips.
PS. I do keep a hand cream in my bag too, but I forgot to include this in the photos.

Depending on what kind of makeup I have on me, I like bringing different lip balms.
If I am wearing a lip butter, I'll just pop the one that I use into my bag and bring it to school.
If I have a full face of makeup and not any lip colours, I like having a tinted lip balm in my bag so my lips wouldn't look so palm throughout the day.
If I only have BB cream on my face, I'll just take a normal moisturizing lip balm with me.(:


Every girl needs to have a comb in her bag so she can comb her hair when it is messy.

I too have one in my bag.
This is nothing fancy. It is actually a comb that I took from the hotel I was staying in.HEHHEH!


You never know what will happen to your hair throughout the day!

Many people tend to forgo this but I have tons with me.
I like carry some disposable hair tie and bobby pins.

There are times I just want to get all my hair away from my face and these come in handy!

Many of my friends tend to not bring them and end up asking me for them!

Because I have really thick hair, I'm pretty particular with the kind of bobby pins I get.

I only get bobby pins with this design/shape/pattern, because they are the most secure when it comes to keeping my hair in place!


Although there are mirrors in the restrooms, but I like to keep on with me in case I am really far away from the restrooms, Eg. on my way to school!

This mirror is a gift from my sister when she went to China for a school trip.
One of the sides is magnified and the other is normal. It is great for looking at faint badly blended foundation!HEHHEHEH!


Rather than oil sheets/paper, I prefer using tissue to blot when my face it gets shiny.
I keep my tissue in a tissue pouch which seems really redundant. But I have to do that! If not the wrapping of the tissue will be crazily messed up by the end of the day be it opened or brand new!

Because I use tissue very often, to clean the tables, cutlery, face, etc. I done with a pack pretty quickly.
So I like to stack 2 packs and stuff them into the pouch, which explains the crumpled packaging in the photos!


Like what I've mentioned earlier, I'm in an air conditioned environment, my skin tends to dry out.
So I'll keep a baby size facial spray/mist with me.
I also use it when I'm feeling really tired due to lack of sleep or studying/having lessons for really long hours, because it instantly makes me feel more refreshed and awake.

I have friends that goes to the restroom to wash their face, but I don't really like doing that because I have at least BB cream on.

PS. I just remember, I do keep a small packet of facial wipes in my bag in case I feel very uncomfortable with the makeup and want to remove it.

The one that I'm using currently comes in a aerosol bottle, So like all aerosol sprays, Their nozzles are the same.


I keep some band-aid with me all the time.
It is more like a habit for me because I tend to always injure myself very often.
Actually until now, I still do scratch myself on sharp objects without noticing it being there and only realize it when it starts bleeding or feel pain.

Always good to have some in case of emergency!


Last but not least.

Hand Sanitizers! You won't know what you're touching and how dirty your hands are.
What is worst is I always like to rest my head on my palm during lessons.
Yes! like this!
So I have the habit to sanitize and moisturize my hands before lesson starts.
This actually helps to keep acne popping out along my jawline at bay!

So that is pretty much what I'll bring to school other than having this and that without photos.HEHHEH!

So till next post!

xx, meiyi

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