Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Most Reached for Nail Polishes.

The weather was good when I was about to take photos for this post, so prep yourself for our outdoor photo shoot today!HEHHEH!

Other than makeup and skincare products, I really like having nail polishes.They make my hands look like I've been paying attention on them! Like people who loves nail polishes, I do have a few in my collection. Instead of showing everything to everyone, I'd like to pick out my most reached for colours.

These 4 nail colours are my top favorites! And they are OPI Malaysian Mist , OPI Mermaid's Tears, Essie Nice is Nice and Essie Tangerine.

OPI Malaysian Mist
I don't usually go for nude colours when it comes to nail colours because I feel that give the feeling that my fingers are really pale and unhealthy. Maybe it is due to my skin tone. When I go for a darker nude, I feel that my hands look really dirty.So I never like shopping for nude colours.

But I chance upon this colour! It has more of a peachy shade in it which makes the nail looks healthy. I really like this colour the moment I had it on my fingers. What made me felt happier was I wasn't the only one who likes it. My friends, for the first time, complimented that this colour look nice on my fingers. 

OPI Mermaid's Tear

I initially wanted to get the Essie Mint Candy Apple. But I can't find it anywhere at that moment, and someone told me that OPI's Mermaid's tear is some what similar to that and I got it. I first applied when I had short nails and I didn't really like it. It looks weird. I can't point out what looks weird, but I didn't like it then. So this colour went into my cold storage section for sometime until mint became a hot trend everywhere. I thought maybe I should give it another try. This time I had a little longer nails, and when I painted them on, It looks beautiful!~  So whenever I have nails that length, I'll reach out for this nail colour!(:

Essie Nice is Nice

AHHH!~~ This colour....I love it the moment I saw it online. I thought how demure this colour will look on someone! So I got it when I have the chance to. Similar to the mint colour, I feel that this colour looks much better when I have longer nails. While the mint gives off a refreshing feeling, This lilac gives off a very demure, lady-like, feeling. Whenever I have this colour on. I'll notice myself reaching out for sweeter looking clothes.

Last but not least..

Essie Tangerine

Red has always been a staple colour for me. Mainly because I have this love for red things. I feel that having a red item on you makes you look more elegant and fashionable. HEHHEH! It is just me. For all I know, I'm the only one who thinks this way.HEHHEH!

I prefer brighter red to darker/dull/deeper red. There is no reason to it. Its just my preference. I like this colour so much is because of the shade of this red. It is bright and has a very faint tint of peach in it that makes it not look like bloody red when you have it on. And also having this colour on my fingers makes my skin look fairer. I'm not sure why too but that's how I always feel with this colour on.
This colour gives me a "I don't know why but I just love this" feeling. I can't tell you a specific thing that I like about this colour, all I can say is I really like it. My go to red! HEHHEH!

Now for the swatch of these colours!

AHH!~~ Looking at this photos now make me feel like having the red on my nails now.
I just trimmed my nails few days ago. And you can tell. The mint and lilac don't look as nice in the shoot. It is just more suitable for longer nails. If only my nails was a little longer for this photos, it'll look perfect!!(:

PS. Someone decides to join in while I was shooting the nail polishes!

PS. Ozzy was just chilling beside me throughout the whole shoot.(:

Till next post~~ Bye for now!!(:

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