Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Deep Cleansing with ST. Ives Timeless Mineral Clay Firming Mask

As you all know, I wear BB cream everyday as a form of sunscreen/sunblock and BB cream is considered as a form of makeup to me as I need to use a makeup remover to remove it.
Even when I wash my face daily, I'll still feel that my face is not that clean. This is because residue builds up in our pores, making our skin feel and look greasy. Therefore sometimes we will feel that our face is still oily/dirty even after cleansing.
It is good for us to do an occasional deep cleaning to our skin to extract those dirt and residue that is left in our pores so that we won't have clogged pores and acne popping out as often.
I love applying mask on my face, because I just apply them and leave it on and let it do its job. (good way to take good care of your skin for lazy people like me!)

One product that I've been enjoying for more than a year now is ST. Ives Timeless Mineral Clay Firming Mask.

On the Packaging, It says " Deep Cleans while visibly firming and tightening."
One of the reason why I've been liking this product is because it does what it is suppose to do and it is cheap!
After the application, I feel that my skin is firmer and it helps to tighten my pores, making them looks significantly smaller than before.
This is how the product looks like when you squeeze it out from the tube.
Then you just spread it out evenly and let it dry.

I don't know why I'm going this, because it shouldn't be some thing too tough to do..But I'm still gonna show you how I apply it on. HEHHEH!
PS.I took the photos at around 1am in the morning, therefore the tired face.
And Sorry about the poor quality photos. I needed something to look into while I apply it on. So I thought my phone was the best solution..But the resolution was kind of bad!): SORRY!~~
Your want to push your hair away from your face. You won't want your hair to have the mask on it too!(:
I usually cleanse my face with my daily cleanser before applying the mask. I just feel that it will have better results like this.

Apply and spread evenly on the entire face and leave it for 10 to 15 mins. (I usually leave it on for about 15mins)

And just rinse it off with water and proceed with your daily skincare routine!(:

You face will feel significantly smoother, firmer and tighter. or at least that is what I feel!(:

Happy Deep CLEANSING everyone!!(:

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