Saturday, 28 July 2012

5 Things I Can't Live Without! - Beauty Edition

In our daily life there bound to be some things/product that can't leave without, a must have.

There is definitely more than 5 items I need in my life, but since we're doing a beauty edition, things are much simpler. If I were to do a more general post on anything, it definitely take me some time to thing about what I really need in my life.HEHHEH!

My post is titled things and not product because some of them I don't just stick to one product, I actually use a few of them and they work well.(:

So here's the list of Things I can't live without
PS. The order may not be in right sequence because all of them are as important. HEHHEH!



This is the Foaming Cleanser Moisture from Laneige (Isetan - $30+) and this is my 2nd tube. As you can tell from the dent from the tube, this cleanser is almost finishing.

Ever since I've started wearing makeup, the type of cleanser I use have been an important factor when it comes to skincare / taking care of my skin.

I've try different brands of cleanser, and found out that this cleanser suits me best

I shall do a blog post on this cleanser some time later as this post is not about my thoughts of this cleanser!HEHHEH

You should have noticed that beside the cleanser I match with a cleansing pad (from Daiso -$2).
I feel that using a cleansing pad to cleanse your skin, it feels cleaner.
I've tried not using the cleansing pad while cleansing my face for a period of time, acne and pimples started popping up on my face.Therefore, It is a must have with my cleanser.

This is a front and back view of the cleansing pad.

It as a grip on the back of it that lets you slot in between your fingers.
And in the front, there is many tiny comb like silicon bristles that is use to massage and cleanse the face.


BB Cream.
I don't have to go on about this product because I've done a post on it. If you're interested, HERE is the post
To say this briefly, BB cream serves as Sunblock  for my face. On normal days I'll just apply a thin layer over my face. When I'm going out and don't feel like wearing thick makeup / foundation, I'll apply a little more to cover up my dark circles and it make my skin looks healthy. Ahhh~~ Miracle of a BB cream!HAHAHA!


Makeup Remover.

This isn't a surprise to anyone. Since I apply BB Cream, I need to have a makeup remover to remove it. My cleanser won't do the job.

Similar to the BB Cream, I did a post on this remover too, and HERE it is.

I love this makeup remover because it so suitable for lazy people like me!
It thoroughly removes my makeup and leaves a comfortable feeling on my skin, non oily, but smooth and clean.

If i'm not wrong it is a little pricey for a drugstore makeup remover ($ 15-20 ??) , but it works better than those less than that.


Lip Balm.

I don't really have much preference for Lip balm, as long as they are moisturizing, I'm fine with them.
This are my most reached for lip balms.

I have quite dry lips and I totally hate the feeling when they are dry. So I'll try my best to keep a lip balm within my reach. So I don't have to keep looking for it when I need it.

Lip Balms in Singapore ain't cheap too! The cheapest I think is the Nivea ones which is around $ 6-8.


Last by not least, Hair products.

I have really long hair and the biggest problem I face, which I believe is what most people face is TANGLES! I totally hate them!
And the only way to prevent them is to apply leave-in hair products after shower.
This are the 3 products that I most reach for. Kerastase Nectar Thermique, Organix Moroccan Argan Oil and Essential Hair Essence.

I'll apply the Kerastease and the Oganix when I come out of the shower when my hair is still wet. And I alternate between this 2 products. There isn't a particular reason to it. The only reason I can say is habit. HEHHEH.
For the Essential Hair Essence, just FYI, I prefer the orange version better, but since I got this, I should just finish it up.
For this I keep it in my bag and bring it out with me. Whenever my hair feels dry and tangled, I'll take this and apply it on my hair, mainly the ends to prevent myself of tugging on my hair and causing more split ends.

So this is the 5 things I can't live without.There isn't any cosmetic products, if you don't consider BB cream as a cosmetic, because I don't really like wearing a lot of cosmetics on my face on a daily basis because I feel that, or I should say everyone should know, it is not good for your face. It makes you look much better without makeup, but at same time it is not good for your skin.

I'll try my best not to wear makeup or wear too much makeup on my skin, so they are not something I can't live without everyday. But if there is an occasion that needs me to look better, that's a different story..HEHHEH!

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