Monday, 16 July 2012

Blush Worth A Rave!.

Now that I'm all done ( or temporarily done) I should start posting regularly (I hope =X)

I have always been a big fan of blushes and the number one thing that always catches my attention when I'm at any cosmetic store/section is their blush counters.

If you are from Singapore, you will know that its very costly to get cosmetics from counters. A product that cost USD $5-10 will cost around SGD$20 or even more and sometimes the product is so sheer it will look like I've just applied glitters on my cheeks. So very often i'll prefer to shop at higher end brands for my blushes.

Many of us nowadays shop online to get better rates for the cosmetic we use and products that are not available in Singapore. I'm definitely one of them and that how i came across with this blush that I really like!

ELF Studio blush in Candid Coral - SGD$7-9.
 The only reason why i got it is because it was really cheap. I'm aware that it only cost USD$3 in the US and ELF products are very very affordable(cheap). However they don't have a store/counter (from what I know) in Singapore and I got them online through a website.

I never thought that I will like it at all as I had the mindset you get what you paid for and felt that its never gonna replace my MAC blushes.

(swatches: left ELF Candid Coral right Mac Peachtwist)

When I first use it, I was amazed by the payoff of the blush! Its so natural and beautiful!
The colour of the blush is quite subtle and gives off a healthy glow on your face. What amazed me is how it manage to give off a highlighting effect on my cheekbones. There are gold glitters in the product as you might be able to see from the picture above and these gold glitters reflect the light that hits on the cheekbones beautifully giving off a natural glow on your face which saves you a step on highlighting your cheekbones :D. For the price of SGD $7-9. There isn't really much I can pick on.

The only con I have noticed from it is that you can't keep building the blush on your face.Yes the colour will be more obvious and prominent. But what made it looks bad is the gold glitters. If you keep building the colour you'll notice that instead of "scattered" gold glitters, there will be patches of gold glitters on your face and will look really weird.

But on the whole, for the price you pay for, it's really a good deal! And for a while (3-4mths) it has replaced my MAC blushes. And the reason why I went back to my MAC blushes is because this product is out of stock from the websites that I have been purchasing my cosmetics for a period of time and I wanted to "savour" the product as you can tell from the picture above, I've hit pan. :)

This blush has been out in the market for some time, i believe it has already been around for about a year or more. So you can look around the online sites and can easily get them at a good price.

If you don't want to invest on expensive blushes, this blush will be suitable for you!

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