Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Biore Hydra-Clear Makeup Remover

Since I wear BB cream everyday for UV protection, it is important that I remove everything that is on my face for the whole day. BB cream and Sunblock/Sunscreen should be removed by a makeup remover to thoroughly cleanse everything off your face.

Depending on the type of makeup remover I use determines how diligent I am at removing makeup.
Therefore the lesser steps it takes to remove my makeup the more diligent I will be at removing it...yes. I'm that lazy...HAHA!

It has always been a chore for me to reach out for the cotton ball/pad to soak it into the remover. To me that is like 2 steps already. So me being lazy, I need something that I can just apply on my face with my hands and rinse it off.

I was watching the TV 2 years back where I chance upon this makeup remover - Biore Hydra-Clear Makeup Remover

Biore- the No. 1 Makeup Remover brand in Japan* brings you its latest innovation, Biore Hydra-Clear Makeup Remover. Suitable for both face and eyes makeup removal, this rinse-off makeup remover from Japan contains a highly effective cleansing ingredient. It gently and effortlessly removes all makeup, even waterproof eye makeup, without rubbing or tugging. The water-based formula leaves skin clean without greasy or tight feeling. Feel the refreshing difference as your skin is restored to its original, clean bare condition. 

I thought this was a brilliant idea for lazy people like me! So I went and get myself one to try. When I didn't get the hang of using this I thought this was a rather lame product. Even when I follow the instructions on the back of the package I still couldn't remove those super waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Whenever I try to remove them thoroughly, I feel that I'm using too much force on my eye area, Which is bad for your skin.

But after some time I got the hang of it, and everything got so easy! And those super waterproof products come off without much effort.(:

I shall go through the steps on how I remove my makeup so it will be easier to those people who are having trouble in removing them with this product.

For demo purpose, I've swatch lip gloss, lip butter, lip stick, liquid eyeliner, gel eyeliner, concealer and BB cream(on the base of my hands.From the last post) 
The black eyeliner is what I find a chore removing.YES that's the chore!HEHHEH!

Then I add some makeup remover onto the my hands. depending on how much you need. Usually I'll use about a teaspoon full of makeup remover on my entire face, including the eye area.

For those who are wondering, the consistency of the makeup remover is like thin honey. The texture feels like honey, not sticky of course, but not as thick. I guess it falls between the consistency of water,honey and oil.
PS: the makeup remover is also not oily.

Then spread out across the entire surface you want to remove. Those that are easier to remove would have already been removed, but if you have noticed, the eye products are still visible, especially the black eyeliner.

Just let the makeup remover sit on the surface for about half to a minute before doing anything.

After 30 seconds to a minute, wet your hands with water and in circular motion gently work all the product out.
You will be able to notice, without much effort, even the most stubborn eyeliner comes off easily.

Then you just rinse with water.

There wouldn't be any redness on your skin from tugging or rubbing because you didn't use any strength while trying to remove your makeup.

Moreover, Some makeup removers leave an oily feeling after rinsing with water, this makeup remover will not, Because its a water-based formula. And it will not strip your face dry leaving you a tight feeling on your skin.

But one downside is that when the makeup remover gets into your eyes, you will experience a stingy feeling. And it is not something I feel comfortable about. It is bearable but also quite uncomfortable. So always rinse your eyes when the product gets into them.

Recently Biore came out with a new makeup remover Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover 

  • Smooth serum-like texture glides off easily
  • Removes even waterproof mascara
  • Contains 1/3 moisturizing essence which nourishes and hydrates
  • No sticky and greasy after-feel

I have been wanting to try this. But if you noticed from the 1st picture of the post, my makeup remover is full. I just purchased a new bottle as the old one was running out and they have not came out this when I went to purchase one. So...... I guess I'll just have to wait....

For those who want to try the Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover , just click on the link here and register for a sample! They are giving out free sample on that website now!(:

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