Monday, 23 July 2012

My BB Cream Choice Of The Moment

BB creams to me are like tinted sunblock. I use to hate BB cream before, but now I'll apply them everyday.

Singapore is a country which has a year round of summer, and the weather will only get cooler when it is into its rainy season (which is around nov-dec period). Other than that, the weather is horribly hot! (due to the scorching sun we have here). So sunscreen protection is a must here, even though many of us tend to overlook this point.

I never liked having sunscreen/sunblock applied on my face without any makeup. Whenever I apply sunblock on my face, I'll have the tenancy to use tissue and keep patting my face.Not because it makes my face oily, but its due to the stuffy feeling sunblocks makes me feel whenever I apply them. I've try a few brands of sunblocks but they all gave me the same feeling.
The only time I feel alright with sunblock on is when i have makeup on too.It is weird but that stuffy feeling disappear whenever I have makeup over the sunblock. (maybe it's a psychological thing)

So I started using BB cream with SPF instead and yes I feel much better while applying it on my face and due to the functions of the BB cream, it helps improve my skin condition too (:

I have been rotating between 2 BB Creams Lioele Water Drop BB SPF27 PA++ and Skin79 VIP Gold Super Plus Belesh Balm SPF25 PA++.

I have to admit I use the Skin79 BB cream more often than the Lioele BB cream because I can easily get the Skin79 BB cream at any Watsons store in Singapore. Where as the Lioele one I think there is only 2 places you can get them.

However my favorite have to be the Lioele Water Drop BB SPF27 PA++

Water Droplet Moisture Supply Provides natural Skin Glow, rather than by adding pearl.
Simultaneous blocking of UVA and UVB, relieve Reddened Skin with its cool water droplet.
Information obtained from

The reason why I like this BB cream is because it is very lightweight. When I have this BB cream on my face, I felt nothing on my face. And there is SPF27! Not very high but enough for me.(:

What attracted my attention was this BB cream has UV protection(SPF27)  and give moisture to dry skin. I thought since I didn't have oily skin and dry cheeks it may be the one for me. So I asked my sister who was in Thailand then to get me one. Since it is cheaper to get it there.
Below is where i saw the functions of Lioele BB creams.

Yes it works well. My cheeks don't feel so dry anymore. I can feel my face a little more hydrated than before.This is why it beat the Skin79 BB cream and became my favorite BB cream of the moment ( that is until I find something better than this(:).

When you squeeze out the BB cream it looks like this.This amount is enough to cover my entire face.Since what I want is just UV protection on  a daily basis. If you need more coverage, just squeeze out more will do.

Next blend the BB cream in circular motion and tiny water droplets are formed on the surface of the BB cream.Just keep blending and the water droplets will be absorbed into the skin.

Because I squeeze out too much for this demo, as I mentioned, enough for my entire face, It took me quite awhile for the BB cream to be blended into the back of my hands. So what you want to do is to squeeze a little at a time and add more when you need it.

After blending it evenly onto your skin will look very natural but at the same time hiding most of your imperfections like lighter scar marks and redness.

I usually just apply the BB cream and run out of the door since what I'm concern is not the coverage. But when I am going out with my friends and feel like applying BB cream instead of my foundation, I'll set it with a little translucent powder on my face paying more attention on my T-zone so it will not look so 'shiny' at the end of the day and also to set the BB cream in case it slides.

This BB cream is not waterproof so you will not want to wear it while going for a swim.

If you have the same skin type as me and is looking for a BB cream, give this a try. I'm sure you will like it(:

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