Friday, 27 July 2012

A little about me..Or maybe my dogs(:

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you probably have seen this photo

Today's post will not be beauty related. I was thinking of what I am going to post, tons of ideas were flowing into my mind. But I guess it none of the ideas made it up to today's post!(:

Maybe its because I saw people reading my blog from the statistics, I got a little emotional..HEHHEH..I wanted to get closer with you guys that are reading.. I wanted to share some other joy of my life.

I would be lying if I told you beauty is my everything, everything that make me happy. There are many other things that make me smile non-stop every day too. As important as beauty means to me, they weight the same((:

I don't like exposing my personal life to the entire world, because I'm a little afraid.
So please be nice to me and don't leave any mean comments ((:

His name is Ozzy, a maltese, and he just turn 5 this month.
I've always been an animal lover since young and have always envy those that have pets at home, especially dogs.
I remember we got Ozzy when I was having during my exam period just before my last paper. We saw him at the pet shop a few times before that, we were considering if we should get a dog or not, because we were unsure if we would be able to take up the responsibility to take good care of him. But after a conversation between my sister and mum we went down to get him...that conversation wasn't about if we would be able to take care of him though...HEHHEH.. That's why I'm always telling my friends we didn't do any homework before getting  Ozzy. We didn't know the temperament of the dog or if we will be able to handle him. We don't even know what can dogs eat and what can't they eat. It didn't even come to our mind that they will feel insecure on the first few days. 

I remember we even though that he was mute and couldn't bark because for the entire first day we got him he didn't make a single noise. Maybe it is course we were playing with him.Until at night he let out his first bark in our house...HEHHEH! That's because we left him alone out of our room and went in to study.(I had exam the next day) 

This is how he look like the first day he came....So white....So small..But how he is the biggest Maltese I've ever seen. I guess we overfed him that's why he over grew.HEHHEH.

I took this yesterday and thought he look so cute!~ PS. Nowadays he like lying around unless it's time to go for walks or to play.


Yup most of the time in the day Ozzy is like in the 2nd picture above..HEHHEH..

2years after we got Ozzy we got another dog.

He's Domo, a Mini Poodle and he is 3 this year!(:

We got him from my younger sister's teacher and he was a troublemaker at first but now...He's such a dear..
After having Ozzy, I always wanted another dog.
Domo came just at the right time. Ozzy is getting a little bored at home and felt like he needed a companion while all of us were out..
Caught him in action 'roaming' around the coffee table.
That's how playful he is.


Both of them have been such a dear to me and everyone in the family. Seeing their happy and satisfied faces everyday makes us feel the same way.

Ahhh~~ I feel so fortunate now...((:

I believe all dog owners/lovers will feel the same too!(:

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