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Exfoliation - Cure Aqua Natural Gel

I always have the habit to exfoliate my skin, be it the face or the rest of my body. I feel that whenever I exfoliate, the products that I apply will be absorbed better into my skin and also I use to have scar marks from acne, exfoliating also helps to lighten them.(Of course you have to apply Sunblock/Sunscreen to prevent it from darkening)

I've tried scrubs, renewal gel, exfoliating pads etc. What I prefer is Lush's Mask of Magnaminty and Cure's Aqua Natural Gel. I can't really make a choice between this two.

But recently I went to Korea for a short getaway and had a makeup lesson given by a beauty school there. I was told that it isn't good to use scrubs on your face as it is too harsh for the skin on your face and will damage it, causing the skin to age faster.
After hearing that I stopped using the mask from Lush.

I have to using the Cure Aqua Natural Gel for a little more than a year now after chancing upon Bubzbeauty video on this product on Youtube.

Our skin is the largest single organ in our entire human body and being the outermost layer of covering, it is most exposed to the harmful effects of ultraviolet light and the free radicals in the environment, Our skin undergoes a renewal process every 28 days where the growth of new skin cells will push up the old skin cells to the surface. When these old skin cells are not removed, it will hinder our skin renewal and regeneration giving rise to various skin problems such as clog pores, blackheads, dull skin tone, blemishes, pimples and etc.

Cure gently and effectively remove old and dead skin cells to regularize skin turnover and prevent skin problems. Cure will complement any facial regime, making sure your moisturizers and serum have better and deeper penetration when your old skin cells are removed. With regular use of Cure, your skin is kept healthy, smooth and glowing.
Information from

When I started using it I didn't notice any difference in my skin and stopped using it for a while, only because I had the mindset that it was like a miracle product, you use it once and the effects appeared.

I'm not sure what made me thought otherwise and gave it another try. Maybe it is due to the price...HAHA!

After giving it another try, i slowly noticed that my skin got better and there was really effects on my skin.
Because I have dry cheeks, if I don't exfoliate or the moisturizer don't get absorbed over time, I'll be able to see patchy skin and very dull skin tone along my cheek area. And its makes me feel like I'm aging. I've try many brands of renewal gel that says that they can remove dead skin and help with absorbing of moisturizers, but all of them didn't work at all.

After using Cure for a period of time, I realised because the moisturizer and serum are absorbing better and the scars on my face have lighten. Now it has faded away and you will not notice it unless you pay very close attention. It is because Cure really removes a lot of dead skin on your face.

This is how Cure works....(You probably have seen it from somewhere else.HEHHEH!)

I usually pump about 1-2 pumps for my entire face. But since its a demo, we will use a little more than a pea size.(Lesson learnt from the BB cream demo. HAHAHA!)

Apply it on the area you want to exfoliate. Leave it there for a few seconds
Then in circular motion, without any strength, massage it around the area you want to exfoliate.
When you just started, The consistency feels like gel but as you keep massaging, the consistency will change to be more watery and it will start removing all the dead skin on the surface.

All these white/greyish particles that are appearing are dead skin.

I'm not too sure when you have to stop massaging. But I always stop when I feel my skin is not producing any more white particles. Which is about a minute later.

Rinse with water and your skin will feel soft and smooth!

                      Before                                                                                             After 

You might be able to notice from the above photos that the fine lines are less visible now and the skin don't look so "powdery".

Cure cost SGD$42 at all Watsons and BHG Stores. Other than Watsons and BHG, I don't know where else you can get it.
It is a little pricey for an exfoliator but it if definitely worth the price.

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