Sunday, 29 July 2012

What To Do? - concealer too light/fair

There is probably a few times we bought concealers that are too fair / light for our skin tone.
Yes we're suppose to get something that is lighter, but some times it is too fair it doesn't conceal anything.

Sometime or most of the time I don't think we can return open products back to the store and thus it became a 'cold storage' item.

This post is to help you not waste these concealers!
You probably know what I'm gonna do about it since this method is often seen around.

And it is to use it to slightly highlight your face!

Yes this is the 1st post that has my face in it. It took me much courage to do this, I have been hesitating about it but I thought, one day I'll still have to have a post with my face in we go!HEHHEH!

Left: Maybeline Pure Mineral Concealer (My shade) Right: Maybeline Angel Fit Concealer (Too fair)

This is how fair the shade is.
The darker swatch is the concealer of my shade and the one on the right is the concealer that is too fair.

Here's a photo before highlighting. The face look very flat. And looks like it doesn't have and depth/ contours.

Lets get started with the application!PS. Photos ain't gonna look good! Pardon that.Thankyou!!(:

Apply the concealer on areas that you want to highlight. Like your nose bridge, cheekbones, brow bones, forehead and cupid bow. 

Then using the patting motion, blend & pat the concealer into the skin

When it is done....

And this is the After look!

The pictures didn't come out very well. But you might be able to see, because of the highlighting, the features look more define.

Left: Before Right: After

Comparing both photos, the after photo makes my face look more defined, not so flat anymore.

You may say it is because of the angle.
So try it yourselves at home and you can tell the difference!!(:

Because its slightly to highlight your face, it looks very natural. And in real life, it'll look amazing!(:

So if you have concealers that are too fair/ light for your skin tone, don't throw them away or 'cold storage' them!

Use them to HIGHLIGHT your features!!(:

SO~~ until next post! BYE!!

*feels so shameless!~~HEHHEH

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  1. Thanks May! This helped me alot.Now I'm not gonna throw my new concealer ��


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