Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Haul #2 - Real Techniques

I'm back with part 2 of my haul!
Click HERE to read part 1

I have never show the whole set yet, but here and there you would have seen some of them.

I have been having this set of brushes for 2 years or more now.

When the Real Techniques brushes came out, I really wanted to get some of them to try!~
But there's no where to get it in Singapore, unless you buy it off online stores in the US.
So I have been Searching for it online with reasonable price for quite some time.

I chance upon this website, and followed them on twitter.
I went to their site everyday for about 2-3months before deciding to purchase from them
I may sound like a stalker, but I was afraid that it would be a scam. HEHHEH!

I actually bought my products last Wednesday if I'm not wrong, and it was delivered to me on Monday! Which is very fast to purchase online!
PS. Thurs was a public holiday, Post office Closed, and Mails don't get delivered on Saturday and Sunday!
So come to think of it, it only takes 3 days to get my items!(:

So after much ranting, Let's quickly get into them!

It comes in this kind of packaging, which I find very professional, because other than Under-Twenty20, there is only 1 other online store that does that. And that online store is quite big scale, they are actually a wholesaler.
Am Really Impressed!

My products are nicely wrapped with bubble wrap!

I'm not someone who is fussy with the packaging, as long as the things I purchase is not damaged, actually I'm easily impressed with thoughtful packaging!HEHEH!

These are the items I purchase from them other than the eye shadow at the bottom, I think it comes as complimentary when you spent a certain amount.

The First Item is the Starter Set.
Click here for more info
I got this because of the eye shadow brushes they have in there!
I wanted to try out some eye shadow brushes, but I didn't know which to get, so I got a set to try out!(:

The back of the product has the description of every brush in case you don't have any idea on how to use them!

Next is the Core Collection.
Click here for more info
I was actually wanting to try the Buffing brush (on the far right) and Contouring brush (on the far left) but neither the website or Under-twenty20 sells it. So I got the set too!

Similar to the Starter Set, the back of the packaging has a product description in case you don't know how to use it.

I read the reviews online and these 2 brushes were highly raved! As much as I hope it comes in a set too, they don't so I got them individually

The first brush is the Stippling Brush!
Click here for more info
From the reviews, people were saying that this brush is very good for foundation and highlighting.
It doesn't give you a cakey finish while having foundation on. It look very light, like natural skin, but makes it look flawless.
For highlighting, It gives a healthy glow finish which looks really natural too.

PS. I don't know how true it is since I've yet to try them!(:

Back of packaging - product description!

The other brush I've got  is the Blush Brush
Click here for more info
I say good reviews about this too, but that's not the reason why I wanted to get this brush

I got it because it is a dome - shaped brush and I don't own one.
I saw on YouTube about people saying how can different brushes give different effects, So I got it in the end!

Back of Packaging - Product Description

The product description on the packaging was written so well to the extend that it seems like the most perfect brush ever made. I am really looking forward to use them.
PS. I haven't had the time to wash them yet!

This is how the brushes look like when they are out of the packaging

On every brush handle, There is an indication on what brush is it.
Let just say this is the back of the brush.

So for the front of the brush,

They labelled the brand "real Techniques by Samantha Chapman"

For the sets, They come with a case so that you can store your brushes in them.

You can fold it together and put it in place with the Velcro Strap and toss it into your bag.


You can make it stand up like a brush stand.

There is this rope at the top of the case, Just pull it and adjust the stopper(PS. I don't know what is that called) and it will stand right up.

This is how it looks like from the side.

Last but not least~~

The complimentary Eye shadow that came with it!
It is the Napoleon Perdis Loose Eye Dusts.
Click here for more info
Sorry guys. I forgot to get the name of it and I didn't take a photo of it! I'll check it again

This is how it looks like in the container.

I made a little messy trying to open this!): 
My fault, because I'm always so clumsy with things!

So it is not the best product for me. I shall try it to see if I like it. If I really do, I think I will press it into a pan. So it wouldn't look so messy and dirty.

Here's a swatch of the eye shadow

It looks grey in the packaging, but when I swatch it, there is a hint of purple in it! I quite like the colour.

For Prices of the Products above, go to !(:

So that's all I got in the mail!

While I was shooting the photos,

This is the look Ozzy gives when it time for walks and he wants to go NOW!

And YES he is hurrying me!HEHEH!

That's all for today! BYE~

xx, meiyi

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