Monday, 6 August 2012

Review - Lush's Porridge Soap!~

Before sitting down to write this, I went to take a bath, so I say what's fresh in my mind.

The previous post was My Mini Lush Haul! So I thought of sharing some thing else from Lush that I really like.

Porridge Soap!

I just read the product story and I thought it was quite interesting.

Oats are one of the most fabulous cosmetic ingredients. They have been used for hundreds of years for all sorts of skin complaints. We love them and we use them as much as we can.
Daddy, mummy and baby bears will all benefit from Porridge Soap. The fragrance is a deep sweet smell, to make you think of molasses and early mornings in the winter.

This is a exfoliating soap that will clean and exfoliate sensitive skin.

I have seen many people raving about this soap on the Internet and wanted to try it very bad. When I heard Lush is coming into Singapore I got really excited! And of course... I got it once it was here!

As mentioned earlier, I just took a bath so my thought are 'fresh'!
Because of there is oats in the soap, it gently exfoliate your skin. It is not like the normal shower foam or soap that I've used. This soap does not produce bubble foams that make it have the soapy feeling. In fact it actually feels more like a water moisturizer, moisturizing my body.

After the bath, my skin felt smooth and softer, a little baby like. 

I like the smell that this soap leave behind. HMM... How should I describe it..
There is this sweet smell lingering after bath...Under this sweet smell there is a milky scent, or maybe I'm wrong.

I wondering...Why will they call this soap Porridge. It smells nothing like one. Rather than saying it smells like porridge, it smells more like a bowl of cereal /oatmeal.
But then again, It is made of oat! So it only sounds reasonable if it smells like cereal / oatmeal..

It is kind of a hassle to store this soap as it melt easily.

So this is how I store my soap!

Once I buy the soap, I'll cut them up into small cubes, around 2 inches and take one of them and store it into a  soap dish.

I store it in this kind of soap dish because...

There is holes at the bottom of the container that allows water / moisture to 'escape' from the soap and the soap will not melt or become soggy and soft.
For the rest of the soap, I just pack them back into the packaging and store it in a cool & dry environment.

AHHH!~~ The smell is still around...nice!~~

Because this is a very gentle exfoliating soap, I think it is very suitable for people with sensitive skin! I'm not really sure about this though, but this is what I was told and what I've known!(:

I really want to try so other soaps from Lush but I don't know which I should try! SO~~  if you have any recommendation... Leave me a comment or tweet me!!(:

Till next post~~ BYE~~

xx, meiyi

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