Saturday, 11 August 2012

The Very First Perfume I own - Hugo Boss Femme

I was about to start shooting my photos and the best lighting seems to be in the garden! but guess what. There's a construction outside and the air is terrible! So I had to shoot indoors! I tried shooting a few times but it looks terrible!
My terrible light, terrible setting and terrible skills!):

But nonetheless I have a post for you today!

I've never been a fan of perfume.. Instead I was a fan of cologne.
they smell so good! especially those from Hugo Boss.

I knew if I was going to get a perfume, it will most probably be from that brand!

True is..

Hugo Boss Femme! PS. Click the link for a better view of the perfume.
Mine is just horrible!

I'm not even going to try describing how it smells like to you because it'll probably be wrong!(:

So here's the description of it.

Radiant. Soft. Smooth. The new fragrance Femme by BOSS exudes an aura of captivating femininity. The subtle, lingering warmth of the fragrance is sublimely sophisticated and modern. An enticing experience and the most liberatingly feminine fragrance from BOSS.Femme by BOSS is harmony in a bottle; a scent metaphor for modern femininity. Projected by the fruity top notes of tangerine and blackcurrant, the fragrance is grounded in a creamy, musk-like base. This works with the white floral trio of stephanotis, rose and oriental lily to leave behind just a subtle, warm aura of the scent.

This product is pretty heavy. But what I like is the smell. We can always use a Travelo to get some product out!(:

I have friends that like the very sweet scent of cotton candy. I'm never a fan of that.
I prefer fruity scents or musk-like scent. Those are the scent that attracts me whenever someone around wears it.

I really like the scent of this perfume.
I'm pretty sure if you like scents like cotton candy it will definitely not be the scent for you.

I have friends that likes cotton candy scent telling me this smells like an old lady scent -.-

Tell me what perfume you like so I can try them too!(:

xx, meiyi

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