Thursday, 9 August 2012

Mask of my choice - Skinfood Rice Mask Wash Off

I'm sitting in front of my laptop, typing and deleting for the past hour only because I don't know how I should write this post or maybe I should say start this post.

I want to share with you guys this mask of mine that I have been liking so much but I just don't know how I should start it....

There are many kind of masks, sheet mask, wash-off mask, peel-off mask, etcetc.
I love Masks!~ I can't resist on buying the mask when I hear raves or good review about it. I always want to try them!

Out of the different kind of mask, I like the sheet mask the least.
Only because I find uncomfortable with it on. I can't lay a finger to it. But I still use them though...just not as often as the rest.

I really like wash-off mask because I can control the amount I want to apply on my face!
And today's post will be on my favourite wash-off mask!

This is the first Skinfood Mask I've tried before I became a Skinfood addict.
And it is the Rice Mask Wash Off.

I heard many good reviews about this mask then and got it.

Product Description
Exfoliating wash off scrub mask with minerals, vitamins and gamma oryzanol. Moisturize and whitens then skin.
Information from

Like other mask, they have directions on the side of the packaging to assist you with the application of the mask.

This is how the product looks like in the container, White and a little grainy. Kind of reminded me of a cereal drink. I don't know why too.HEHHEH

This is how the product looks like when you get some out.
There is very very fine beads in the mask that help with gently exfoliating your skin.
The beads works well with sensitive skin, because you can hardly feel anything while exfoliating, nothing near harsh.

It is actually white when you just get the product, but when you apply it and work it into your face, it'll become clear.
From the photo, you can get to see the beads for exfoliating.
It is so small and there is so little you will not feel any scratchy feeling

I can't remember where I saw it but they were saying that you shouldn't apply whitening mask everyday, there must be a day in between.

So I came out with this...

Because I have a problem remembering which day did I apply which mask, I did this.

It is actually just a sticky tape on the lid and state which days I have to use the mask.
I don't diligently apply this mask every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I'll apply them sometimes 2 times a week, sometimes 3.(due to laziness)HEHHEH!

I did is so that I won't apply mask repeatedly when it is not suppose to be applied. Although I wouldn't forget most of the time, but sometimes, when I get a bit busier, I will tend to forget that I had that mask on the day before.

What I like about this mask is that it moisturize your skin after one application. Although it didn't really work in the whitening 'department' for me, but I noticed that it makes my skin looks more radiant after every application.

What I don't like about this mask is that you have to rinse your face really well to get all the mask off your face. Initially when I didn't rinse it well, I had random acne popping out the next day on areas that I don't break out at all, like my jaw lines and around my brows.
But it is really hard to tell if you have rinse it well since the mask is transparent when you apply it on. So I guess you have to really use it many times, learn from many acne-breaking lessons to know if you have rinsed well.HEHHEH! 

This Mask Cost SGD$25.50 at All Skinfood stores.

I would recommend people with dull skin to use this, because it really brightens your complexion, leaving a nice radiant complexion. Making you look healthier!(:

I guess that's all for today!(:

xx, meiyi

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