Sunday, 12 August 2012

Sunday at the Park!~

Here the reason why I'm only blogging now!~

Today, My sisters and I decided to bring the dogs to Sengkang Riverside Park.

So I thought hmmm.... I should bring my skates along~ To see if there is any safe place for a beginner / courage-less me to skate and not fall.HAHAHA!

Yay! After few months, my little yellow skates are out in the sun again!~~

Some self-shots I took in the car before we arrive at the park!~

Look at Ozzy looking forward to go out!

I like bringing Ozzy and Domo out to parks and dog runs.
Because these is the only time they look really carefree


So here we are at the park!

Look there's our happy Domo on the leash and Ozzy at the far end!

PS. I don't really know how to take good photos.. So bear with me!~ 

And for now guys~ Get ready for some self-shot~ 

I was trying to shoot with my skates~HEHHEH!
PS. I don't have any makeup except for a little BB cream as sunblock because I'm there to sweat everything out.HEHHEH!
So don't blame me for looking bad!
Oh not bad for the first attempt!

OMG not good!~

Aiya why so dark!):

Still looks weird though

Why that hand!!):

After few fail attempts of trying to take this self shot. I gave up!~ HEHHEH!

Then we went to the Floating Island, that's what they call it.
Because the previous time we went there, there was no one there, we could let the dogs run freely.
But there was too many people...So no more freedom run~~

So here's some shot from that area.

Because I was carrying my skates, I was far behind all of them!

Why are all the pictures so awful~~

Another few random shots of the dogs.

Then Domo ran towards the grass and started lying on it.
By the time we pull him out it was too late.

Guess what happened?

He got attacked by ants. And we had to get all the ants out of his fur with the insect spray for dogs because it was causing him much discomfort!

So after this I didn't manage to take anymore photos...):

After that we walked around a little more.
And left for dinner.

So you may be wondering...

So where did I skate?

-.- I didn't skate in the end. I got a little intimidated and didn't skate in the end.):

Brought my skates out for nothing..

Let's hope I have better luck with skating next time~~

Hope you have/had a good Sunday!~~

xx, meiyi

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