Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Highlight oh highlight - Mineralize SkinFinish

If you have follow me for a while, you would have seen the What to do - Concealer too light/fair post. Without much doubt, I do use concealers that are too light for me or a white eye shadow as a highlight on my skin, because I feel that there really isn't a need to use a highlighter.

I got this product on impulse because of it's beautiful look.

And it is the Mineralize SkinFinish in Soft and Gentle.

Product Description
A Luxurious Velvet-soft powder with high-frost metallic finish, smoothes on: adds buffed-up highlights to cheeks, or an overall ultra-deluxe polish to the face.

PS. I tried applying it onto my entire face. I just look I fell into glitter sea!HEHHEHEH!

Like all other MAC products, there is the shade of the product, "Soft and Gentle"

Can you see the pattern in the pan! I thought it looks so beautiful! This made me wanted it so badly!

A close up shot knowing that I would never show how pretty it looks on the other.
Beautiful isn't it??

It is a skin tone base with fine shimmer all over it.

When you swatch it with your fingers, it picks up quite an amount of product and you can see that it is a very reflective product.So you might want to be really careful while trying to highlight your face!(:

My skin is not sun burnt or tanned, it is actually quite fair on the area I swatched. It's the swatch that is playing tricks on our eyes

My Thoughts,
From my experience,

I needed some time to play around with this product to know the right amount of product to get onto the brush and what kind of brush I should use.
I have been seeing people using their fingers to highlight their cheekbones using this but it totally didn't turn out well for me. It just looks like I have shimmer streaks on my face.

What I like about this product, when I get the hang of it, I feel that this product makes my face looks much more defined and in photos, it make my face looks more radiant. It also add dimension onto my face because the highlighted area looks higher than the rest due to the light that reflects off from the shimmers.

What I don't like around this product, you have to be very careful with the amount of product you use and what kind of brush you use, this product gives a beautiful glow, but if it is used wrongly, it will look very streaky on your face. I believe this is happen because it has very good pigmentation in it.

I would say a little goes a pretty long way. You might want to use a less dense brush to pick the products up. Other than getting a lesser dense brush, I would also recommend to use a angled face brush that is use for contouring, so it lands evenly and nice on the face and wouldn't look patchy.

What I like to do is to take my brush and tap it once on the product and then apply it on where I want it to be, if it is not enough, I'll repeat the step again.

It is always better to be light handed and add more rather than adding too much..

This is the only highlighter that I have tried so far, so I can't really do much of a comparison on two different products. But for now I'm pretty satisfied with this product and I believe it is going to last me for a very very very long time!

This retails for SGD$46 at our local MAC counters/Stores

I know many of you love the Benefit's High Beam! Leave me a comment below telling me how it works and should I get one!

xx, meiyi

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