Wednesday, 30 April 2014

#throwback Graduation

Hi Everyone!!~

We have to admit.. the title is a little too cheesy for me since i really never ever use hashtags ever… LOL!!!

Soooo.. just like the title, throwback, cos it’s almost a month ago’s thing… well.. if it’s like that.. every post for the next few months even for reviews it has to be throwback.. LOL!! alright.. it doesn’t make sense now.. LOL!


For those who didn’t know, i did my last exams in June 2013 and started working then. It’s a SIM-UOL thing.. LOL! we graduate long after the exams.. lagging abit long arh.. LOL!

We all know.. i’m not the best at taking photo.. LOL! shook here are some that can make it up. since i don’t really wanna post photos of my friends.
20140403 142624

Everyone needs a selfie moment.. LOL!!!!
IMG 20140408 WA0001

my friend randomly send me this the other day..

asking me to order it.. LOL! the problem is.. I don’t really want it.. LOL!
IMG 20140318 WA0000

I did this on the day I collected my gown… look closely!!~~~ ozzy has a hat too!! LOL!!! to match my gown.. #lamethingsownerdototheirpets . LOL!!

Alright.. I just realise…. I don’t have any solo shot by myself..-.- it’s all with my friends…. LOL!!!
hmmmm… hmmm… getting a little awkward now.. LOL!
20140403 185113

I’m gonna sound like some liar.. LOL! but i’m really not someone who takes selfies often.. but with 3 bouquet of flowers.. It’s a worthy shot! LOL!
I never wanna splurge on bouquet cos I always felt it’s too expensive and I can’t bear to let anyone spend money on them for me.. LOL! But apparently that day was an exception! LOL! Sooo have to take selfies!!!

Me being Me.. You know… a crazy dog lady.. how can i let my doggies go??
20140403 185349
20140403 185455
20140403 185504
Don’t you just think.. dogs and flowers just look great together??!!! LOL!!! still memorise by them! LOL!

There really isn’t much to type.. LOL! But to be really honest, I didn’t felt the excitement that I’ve graduated and all. It still feels the same. Probably cos i’ve already got used to working life, with or without the graduation in april doesn’t really matter to me~~ so i guess.. hmmm… still feel a little wasted. LOL!

I just took a selfie today out of boredom. because…. my new phone has this beauty function on it.. LOL!!!
IMG 20140430 212940
LOL!! feeling a little gross by all this low quality photos.. LOL!

I’ll try and slowly start blogging more often now.. So stay tune!!!

Thanks for reading!!~

xx, meiyi

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