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Review : The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

Hi Everyone!

All of us deal with pimple and acne at any point in our lives. It’s just how severe the condition is that differs. Usually when i have breakouts, I’ll have clay mask and what not on my skin. But ever since my schedule became more busy, I didn’t have that much time to mask my face that often. And I chanced upon my trusty old friend...
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I believe many of us know the uses of tea tree oil. And the most common one has to be diminishing our acne and pimple out breaks.

yeap yeap.. due to the hectic schedule of mine (believe it or not, i’m actually writing this post on the bus), i now always resort to only using tea tree oil when i spot a pimple. and mainly the body shop’s tea tree It’s just because i’ve been using the tea tree oil from The Body Shop for years now and I know my skin doesn’t have any negative reactions to it. LOL!

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I believe a lot of oil base products have this nozzle, if not it’ll be the drip syringe to dispense the oil.
It takes about few seconds for the oil to be dispensed out of the nozzle.. and also, the cap of the product, the traditional way of just turning the top of the cap will not loosen and remove the cap. Instead it just goes round and round. You have to press and twist the cap in order to loosen the cap & open it. I don’t know why, but i find it quite safe to carry it on the go as I don’t have to worry about spillage. HAHAHAHA
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The product dispenses a drip at a time, and it gets faster and faster every drip. Or maybe it’s just me. Not too sure why too. So usually I’m pretty cautious after the first drip LOL! Well… one drop of oil goes a long way anyway. LOL! so one drop of the tea tree oil should be enough to cover up a couple of acne.
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When the oil is absorbed into the skin, you don’t have to worry that it’ll leave an oily residue or feeling after that. because it’ll soak into your skin and disappear like you never applied anything on your face~ and you can proceed on with your normal makeup routine after that.

My Thoughts,
Since it’s my trusty old friend, of course I really enjoy using this product. It’s a lifesaver when i need to get rid of blemishes, pimples and acne~ It is definitely not an immediate result product that vanishes your pimples or acnes instantly. But it does makes it significantly smaller. and the pain we get when we have a HUGE acne will be gone.
And just like mentioned above, it doesn’t leave an oily residue when the oil soak into your skin. So it doesn’t makes you feel uncomfortable like there is a layer of something on your skin. & also.. it will not affect your normal routine. You can continue applying your makeup as usual.

Not too sure who other tea tree oil works. But I know those acne cream, it get rids of your acne by drying your skin. But the tea tree oil doesn’t. So you don’t have to worry that there will be dry patches on your face and the makeup you apply on will magnify your problematic areas.

The only thing i guess i didn’t like about this product is probably cos i cannot really control the amount i need if its more than one drop. LOL!

yea that’s about it. I don’t really have much complains towards this product.

So to summarise things up,

1) Reduce size and pain of the acne
2) Doesn’t leave an oily residue
3) Doesn’t dry your skin
4) Easy and handy (Travel Friendly)

1) Cannot properly control the amount to dispense

Will I recommend?
 Of course I would! It’s my staple product in the skincare stash! It has been something I cannot live without for more than 3years!
For people having acne issues, I would definitely recommend this product. Not only can you apply it as an oil, doing spot treatment. You can also add it into your mask, esp clay mask. Not too sure why. But it makes the results a lot better!!

This retails for SGD$19.90 at The Body Shop outlets

That’s all for today’s post~
till next time~

xx, meiyi

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