Thursday, 16 October 2014

Vietnam 2013 : DAY 1!

Hi Everyone~~~

I’ve been telling all my friends how much i liked Vietnam when i went there last year & I realised i never posted anything about it~

I was just looking back at the photos and i realise why i didn’t. HAHAHAHAHA ALL SOOOO BORRING ONE~~~ I think I just don’t really have the talent to take nice photos. HAHAHAAHAH!

Nonetheless. I chose some to share. AHAHHAHA!


Nice HAir leh! LOL! especially for someone who took a 3hr flight early early in the moooorrrning. LOL~

I wanted to take the heavy traffic there la.. but… fail AHAHAHAHHA!!! so here you go.. empty sides with a random car. HAHAHA
We went to this place..I wasn’t really listening to the tour guide. HAHAHA But it’s like a place where the govt have their meetings. LOL! Don’t quote me on that. i don’t rmb. HAHAHHA

This is a tourist must. AHAHAHHAHA
Selfie with all the touristy attractions you go to. HAAHHA

Then we went to… this.. museum & it’s not that interesting.. LOL!
This is a post office! BEAUTIFUL!!!~~~ LOL!! I don’t know if it’s still a post office now. But when i went in to use the toilet. LOL!! I see people at their stalls selling stuff~ sooo~~~ Not too sure. I’m not too good with the listening & remembering what the tour guide said. LOL!

My fail attempt to take the beautiful church opposite the post office.
#halffacephotobombstranger LOL!!!! nah~ not stranger. LOL!!!

& back at the hotel!! OMG i wasn’t really expecting to stay in this kind of hotels. actually.. LOL!! i was expecting something without aircon and fans la. from all the shows who gives spoilers. BUT!!!!!! IT’S sSSOOOO AMAZING!!!!

I’m not the highlight. LOL! it’s the binds.
you can pull it up and it’s the bathtub!!!! HAAHHAHAHAHA SOOOO HAHAHHAHAH
SOOOO coool!!~~ LOL!!

OK. That’s pretty much day 1…well i think LOL!

I think i havent mentioned anywhere yet. I was looking back at the photos cos… we’re going back this year again!!!!!!!!! I hope there’ll be awesome awesome wifi again… so i can do some stuff in the hotel room

Alright~ I shall end here.!

Thanks for reading!
xx, meiyi

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