Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Goodbye and Thankyou

For most of us, it was a really gloomy week, with the passing of our founding father. His body was cremated on Sunday and it seems like yesterday everyone got back into their swing of things. doing their daily routine and had already moved on. I wouldn’t say i’m the most affected during the past week, but definitely tears have been choking, up till this moment as i’m typing this post.

I’m not usually a sentimental person, in some of my friends’ opinion, i’m someone who hardly feels. Which sometimes i felt so myself. But the past week haven’t been easy.


I am grateful. Am really grateful to be able to grow up in this country. Although a lot of times i complain about this and that. I am still really grateful i had this and that in my life. That’s what made me me today. Thinking about the places i’ve been to these recent years really made me appreciate what i have here at home, especially those that we’re ssoooooo accustomed that we took it for granted, only knowing to appreciate them when we lose it temporarily.


Being so grateful to be able to grow up here, makes me even more grateful to the one who made it possible. People dislike, people criticise, people trying to make jokes of, but deep down, almost all of us felt grateful towards him what his sacrifices and far sights. 


It is a devastating news that he had passed away., but we know he now feels no pain, no suffering and is reunited with his love once again. I guess that’s what matters the most. It’s just inevitably the ones that left behind grief. Time won’t heal this wound and let us forget about him. We’ll just get use to the pain till it doesn’t hurt as bad anymore...


Thankyou Mr Lee, Thankyou for everything.


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